Alternatives to Saving Papers in a Big Filing Cabinet

Many people use filing cabinets to save everything from receipts to bill stubs. Some keep their files neat and organized, and they clean out unnecessary papers annually. After all, no one needs to keep something that is not a vital record for the rest of their life. Others are not as good about organizing or cleaning out file folders, and it becomes more of a hindrance than a helpful tool. If you do not want a big filing cabinet taking up space, use one of the following alternatives for saving papers. You will be able to find exactly what you want when you want it, and you will not have to deal with cleaning out anything.

Great Ways to Save Bill Stubs, Receipts and More

Buy a Vinyl Folder with Individual Files for Each Year

One of the best alternatives to saving papers in a big filing cabinet is using individual folders with several built-in files. Depending on how many receipts, bill stubs, medical records and other things that are saved, you might be able to use just one each year instead of investing in a freestanding file cabinet that will take up a tremendous amount of space. Clean out the oldest folder when you decide that enough time has passed to discard the contents safely.

Try a Scanning Organizer

Scanning organizers are the latest and greatest tool for organizing receipts and papers of all kinds. They enable the user to save digital copies while safely shredding the originals. Some consider it the ultimate answer when it comes to filing cabinet alternatives. It takes up very little space, and papers can be found and printed, faxed or emailed within seconds. Others still prefer hard copies of everything. It all depends on what you want when it comes to saving receipts, bill stubs and other essential items, but it is something to consider when trying to do away with the big metal file box.

Stack Individual File Boxes on a Shelf

Those who are blessed with very few bills can get away with the most basic alternatives to a big filing cabinet. If you are one of the lucky few, consider buying plastic file boxes that stack. Use one box for each category and label them accordingly. Keep them stacked on a closet shelf or in another convenient location. In any case, unless you have a professional home office or stacks and stacks of medical bills or receipts, a big filing cabinet does not have to become part of your home decorating scheme.


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