Scarf – Glam It Up With Different Ways to Tie

The versatility of the shawl or scarf is beyond question. The addition of one has given spice to an otherwise drab and unforgettable outfit. It has also been a source of warmth and comfort when and where needed.

When it comes to fashion, however, many of us still remain quite clueless and in need of advice in different ways to tie a scarf. Basically, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing a wrap or scarf. The great thing about having one is that you are free to style it and wear it as you wish, depending on your mood and outfit. If it looks good, then you must have done it right. The important thing is that you like what you’re seeing. However, for those who still do not possess an adventurous spirit in the different ways to tie a scarf and want a more detailed guide and instruction, here are some of the more common shawl styles and applications:

The Shawl as Belt

A small shawl or scarf as the traditional belt is one of the more often-used ways of using or tying one. While it does not necessarily do much in keeping your loose trousers or skirt in a place as the usual belt does, it serves as an elegant finish to an outfit especially if the colors complement each other.

Just gather or fold your stole along its length and insert it into each belt loop taking care not to miss one. In the front or side, tie the ends together and tuck the ends along, or just let the extra length fall to the sides for an instant fashion statement.

The Two Shoulder Wrap

In exploring the different ways to tie a scarf, another simple yet very effective method is the two shoulder wrap. This is a very suitable style for sleeveless, bare-shoulder, or low cut tops and dresses, keeping out that cold nip in the air while showcasing timeless fashion sense.

To achieve this look, simply fold your wrap into a triangle, place over both shoulders and tie the ends in the front or secure it with a shawl pin.

The Sarong Style Skirt

Now, who says the different ways to tie a shawl only covered the waist up? A perfect way of using your shawl come summertime is to utilize it as a modern sarong skirt like silk scarves. Wear it over your skimpiest swimwear and you’re ready to hit the beach. For this particular style, you would need a larger wrap or steal. Fold this diagonally to form a triangle, wrap around your hips with the triangular end going down the length of your leg and knot the ends at the side of your hips.

The Sexy Halter Blouse

More than just your usual accessory, the different ways to tie a scarf also includes having it as a blouse, a daring and yet functional one at that. This halter-style top that can be created from your favorite silk stole or scarf is a smart choice to wear under your business suit or jacket for a corporate attire that also shows your feminine side.

Creating this look would take several steps and some practice. First, take a square wrap and tie a small knot in its center, making sure that the knot is tied on the backside of your material. Then fold your shawl diagonally, placing the knot on the inside of the fold. Leaving the unfolded ends to hang down, wrap the folded edge around the waist, tying the ends at the back. This done, pick up each of the loose ends, raise them to cover your torso, and finally, making sure each end passes either side of your, knotting these two at the back.

Maximizing the use of your shawls need not be a strain on your fashion know-how. Follow these simple steps and be well on your way to smart looks with just one accessory.


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