Tips for Setting Up a Potting Bench in a Garden Shed

Innovative Ideas, Helpful Storage Suggestions and More

A potting bench is a convenient furnishing for anyone that enjoys gardening and outdoor plant care. It provides room for working with seeds, plants, soil and just about anything related to planting and growing flowers and other greenery. It also provides room for storing everything from plant food to hand tools. Use these tips for setting up a potting bench in a garden shed, and enjoy a special place for starting flowers, veggies and more.

Use an Old Gas Grill to Create a Perfect Potting Bench

When looking for a potting bench, forget about finding something from a store. Most items in stores are way overpriced. Forget about recycling an old hutch, a desk or some other impractical item. Use an old gas grill instead. The design is ideal for potting flowers, seeds and greenery.

Begin by removing the burners and other unnecessary attachments, and clean it out from top to bottom. Cover vent holes with sheets of sturdy vinyl and/or duct tape. Fill the base with rich organic soil. Use the grates when potting or repotting seeds and/or plants. The excess soil will fall through to the base, and nothing will go to waste.

Outfit the open lid with a sturdy shelf for storing pots, baskets of gloves and other odds and ends. It makes more sense to recycle an old grill to create a potting bench than to completely redo an indoor furnishing that is not properly equipped for holding soil.

Attach Side Hooks for Storing Small Hand Tools

Setting up a potting bench from an old grill is easy with the help of clip-on hooks. Some grills have holes on the side tables, and they are designed especially for holding S hooks. Others could use a few more. Buy weatherproof peel and stick hooks. They can be used for holding small hand tools, and they will work exceptionally well.

Place Larger Pots on the Bottom Shelf

The bottom shelf of an old gas grill is also very handy when turning it into a potting bench. Use the area for storing larger pots and other items that are too big to go anywhere else. If space is required for smaller items, place an old drawer or a basket on the bottom shelf. As the photo shows, they can be used to hold gloves, tools, packets of seeds and more.


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