Shabby Chic Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Once you have created a shabby chic kitchen design and you have determined the cabinet placement and design as well as accessory placement and design you will find that you must also incorporate kitchen lighting into the mix. There are many different lighting choices for a kitchen design depending on the layout of the kitchen. Naturally, shabby chic decor tends to have crystals, glass, and chandeliers incorporated into the style regularly. Here are some ideas for shabby chic kitchen lighting that can be used to brighten up a shabby chic decor.


Chandeliers are a great way to incorporate some shabby chic decor into the home. If you have a shabby chic kitchen and are not sure if using a chandelier is the right choice for you there are a few key points to consider. Kitchen lighting must include task lighting as well as ambient lighting for those times when the kitchen becomes a place to spend time with the family and not just to perform a task. In a kitchen, a chandelier is a great way to incorporate both task lighting and ambient lighting into the kitchen.

Try placing a shabby chic chandelier such as a chandelier that has crystal globes and vintage style wire holders or a cream-colored chandelier with candlelight tones to it in the kitchen for a shabby chic look. Hang the chandelier over top of the bar area in a kitchen like a pendant lighting or hang it in the center area of the kitchen for dual-purpose lighting in the kitchen


Over the bar and over kitchen island areas, pendants are a perfect choice. Pendants for a shabby chic kitchen can be found in a variety of styles such as those that are colored in the shabby chic tones that match the decor such as soft pinks and blues. Another great way to use pendant lighting in the shabby kitchen is in a staggered row above the main kitchen area. While pendants are more of a modern lighting style they can be formed to look shabby chic especially when they include certain design styles such as some Murano glass colors and tones!


Sconce lighting in the kitchen can be a great way to incorporate some shabby chic style into the home. With sconces, you can use different style shades that can bring a shabby chic look to your kitchen decor. Try using a sconce that has a glass shade that is of a crackle or broken look for a shabby chic decor. In addition to being a great shabby chic idea for the kitchen, sconce lighting is great for use when the kitchen becomes a place of gathering rather than just for cooking!


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