Unique Ideas for Decorating a Wooden Shadow Box Shelf

Shadow box shelves are ideal for displaying miniatures. The individual compartments are the perfect size for holding and exhibiting each little trinket. Some types of shelving are more stylish than others, and they show off the items in more favorable ways. In any case, they can be changed and improved. Take a close look at yours, and decide whether or not the following updates and embellishments would make a difference. They can go from ordinary to upscale and impressive with a few simple changes and creative additions.

Cover the Backs of the Compartments with Peel-and-Stick Mirror Sheets

When displaying trinkets on a plain wooden shadow box shelf, the backs of the items cannot be viewed – at least not without removing them and risking breakage. How about decorating the backing with peel-and-stick mirrored sheets? Many people do not realize that mirrored sheets exist, but they can be easily cut and designed to fit any space. The images they reflect are surprisingly clear, and distortion is not an issue when using high-quality materials.

Paint the Background a Complimentary Light Color

If mirrors are not your style when it comes to crafting and decorating, update your plain wooden shadow box shelf with a coat of paint. If the wood is stained and varnished, lightly sand it with fine-grit sandpaper to create a rough surface that the paint will adhere to. Use a low or no VOC paint that is recommended for covering wood. Paint the background in a light color that will create contrast when displaying your trinkets. They will show up beautifully against the crisp painted backdrop.

Decorate the Edges with a Darker Hue

After painting the background and sides of the wooden shadow box shelf with a light cool color, decorate the edges with a darker hue. For example, if the backdrop and sides are light blue, paint the front edges a few shades darker than the lighter choice. The edges will beautifully frame the contents of the shelf. The surrounding panels will still cast a shadow, hence the name of that particular type of shelving, but it will look phenomenal no matter what it contains.


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