Shawls were an Indispensable Clothing for Women

Shawls were introduced to Europe in the nineteenth century and has since then won the hearts of the western culture. This makes it a must-have for those on the lookout for a fashion accessory that will go out of style.

Derived from the Persian word “shal”, shawls are a universal piece of clothing which can be used for both decorative purposes and for protection. Over the years though it has also evolved to more than just an item for covering… but also has become a fashion statement as well.

For that glamorous look without necessarily overdoing it, here are some of the ways to don this versatile wraps:

  • The Full Wraps or the One Shoulder Wraps
    Whether covering just one or both shoulders, this style for using the stole is fast replacing the mink coat in creating an elegant look yet bringing in needed warmth. Just perfect for an evening out. This look is most suitable when using the high-end beaded silk or pashmina wraps.
  • Sarong or Belt Style
    Being the versatile accessory that it is, shawls not only works well in protecting and accentuating the upper part of the body from the shoulders to the elbow but is also a great addition tied around the hips. It is most
    suited for ladies who wish to have this part of the body emphasized. Simply drape it attractively about the hips, have the ends flow, and step out in style.
  • Off the Shoulder
    For a more casual effect, have the cape cover one shoulder down to the waist, while letting the other side fall off the other shoulder and just drape about the arm. This style casts a wonderful effect on fitted blouses and dresses, the flow giving contrast to the body curve, while not being obvious about it.
  • Hollywood Style
    This style is meant for wraps of lightweight fabrics like cashmere and silk. Twist two contrasting colors together, wraps around the neck, letting this fall over one shoulder in the front and back, and you get the look which tinsel town’s brightest stars are so often seen with.
  • The European Knot or the Front Knot
    Want to keep your neck all warm and snug? Simply gather or fold the shawls many times over along its length, place it around the neck with the ends in the front, then tie the ends together in whatever way you like all bunched up in the front. This style is just right to go with your favorite sweater in a complementary color… especially for those really cold nights.


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