Best Ideas to Make the Most of a Small Coat Closet

In most homes, a coat closet is not considered optional. After all, if everyone stored all of their jackets in bedroom closets, they would not have enough room for everyday clothes. Coats take up a considerable amount of square footage, especially thick winter parkas. If your entryway closet is small, make the most of available space using these creative and practical ideas. You can use just about every square inch without making it appear crammed from one end to the next.

Use All of the Space Without Making it Look Too Full

Install Two Closet Rods

Coat closets with a single bar and a shelf are not set up to make the most of available space. After all, a good number of coats are not full-length. As a result, the bottom third of the closet is essentially wasted. The upper quarter of the area is also wasted since it is not easy to reach. Instead of hanging one bar across the back wall, install two closet rods. You will be able to store twice the number of items within the same amount of space.

Add Two Rows of Coat Hooks

When trying to make the most of the space in a small coat closet, add two rows of coat hooks along the back wall and sides. They will provide places to hang bags, lightweight cardigans, sweatshirts and jackets. Mount a row a few inches below the shelf and halfway down. Space them between eight to ten inches apart. The extra hooks will free up storage space in the bedroom closets and in other areas of the home. Simply move the items on hangers aside to reach the hooks.

Fill Two Shelves with Storage Baskets and More

Instead of continuing to waste the space at the very top of your small coat closet, add an extra shelf. It can be used to store off-season items. During the cooler months of fall and winter, use the lower shelf to hold baskets of gloves, hats and scarves. The baskets will be easy to reach, and the contents will be easy to sort through. When spring arrives, move the baskets of outerwear to the top shelves, and move the spring and summer items down. You will likely find what you need in half of the time, and none of the space will go to waste.


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