Easy Ways to Decorate Plain Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Snowflakes are iconic of winter, no matter where you live. They are also used to decorate countless holiday trees along with lights, garland and other festive decors. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive ornaments available. Plain plastic, ceramic or cast resin snowflakes can be embellished to look just as good as or better than those that cost a small fortune. If you have a basic set, or if you want something gorgeous on your Christmas pine, use these easy ways to decorate each one. They can go from drab to fabulous with a few glitzy additions.

Jazz Up Your Holiday Decorations

Begin with a Splash of Color in the Center

Who says that snowflakes have to be white? In a magical winter wonderland, they can be highlighted with any color imaginable. Decorate your plain set of snowflake ornaments with a splash of color, but not from one end to the next. Use the appropriate paint to add color to the center and portions of the offshoots. Combine the colored paint with white to create gradient shades. As it reaches the points of the snowflake, it should gradually fade to white. Snowflakes with touches of blue are especially lovely on a Christmas tree.

Add a Coating of Sparkling White Glitter

To add realism to your plain snowflake ornaments, decorate them with sparkling white glitter. Depending on what they are made of, coat them with clear-drying craft glue or spray-on adhesive. That is an online tool that can help you to choose the right adhesive for the job. Coat each snowflake with glue, and add a coating of glitter for a frosty new-fallen look. A simple layer of white glitter can transform plain snowflakes into gorgeous Christmas ornaments.

Decorate the Points with Gorgeous Crystal Elements

If you want a set of snowflake ornaments that are sure to outshine all of the rest, decorate the points with gorgeous crystal elements. Depending on your crafting budget, you can use Swarovski crystals or an acceptable alternative. They will brilliantly sparkle and shine when reflecting the lights of the Christmas tree, and they will outshine the rest of the ornaments.


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