5 Space Saving Cabinet Accessories for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home. It’s the space where the family prepares meals, gather to talk about the day’s events, and enjoy a light snack together. While it’s important to have adequate kitchen workspace and an attractive looking design, above all else a kitchen should be functional. To achieve maximum storage space and increased functionality, incorporate space-saving cabinet accessories into your kitchen. For a relatively low price, space-saving cabinet accessories can be added to your existing cabinetry that will expand your storage space, organize essentials, and get unsightly items off your cabinets and countertops.

Lazy Susan

In the kitchen, canned goods and other prepackaged foods are items that we struggle to find room for and keep organized. A simple solution to this is to have a Lazy Susan installed in a corner cabinet of your kitchen. A Lazy Susan is a space-saving cabinet accessory with two circular trays that hides inside a corner cabinet. The trays act as shelves and spin when pushed. Instead of having items hidden behind each other, as in a standard cabinet, these trays allow for many items to be hidden away, but remain visible and conveniently accessible with one spin of the Lazy Susan.

Appliance Garage

To keep small kitchen appliances hidden and out of sight, consider purchasing an Appliance Garage. Some people refer to this space saving cabinet accessory as a Tambour, and that terminology is correct as well. What this product does, is it hides items that sit on your countertop, such as toasters, can openers, blenders, and so on. Everything fits right inside the Appliance Garage (Tambour) and when they are not in use, you simply slide the “door” closed and it looks like an attractive corner cabinet. An Appliance Garage (Tambour) can be installed as a corner unit, or as a straight unit.

Built-in Spice Racks

Built-in spice racks are another fantastic way of saving space and utilizing your entire cabinet. The spice racks can be installed inside any cabinet door, adding additional space to your countertops. With a built-in spice rack, spice bottles are kept out of sight, they remain organized and in place, and are easily reachable when needed. As an alternative option, spice racks can be designed to fit inside cabinet drawers, which will sit in place similar to a cutlery tray. For optimal functionality, have the spice racks placed in a cabinet nearest the food preparation area.

Pot and Pan Rollout Trays

Ever noticed how our pot and pan drawers become cluttered and messy? It seems that no matter what we do, that particular drawer is always unorganized. There is hope though. Keep your cabinet drawers straight and organized by having pot and pan rollout trays installed in your cabinetry. The rollout trays are typically designed as tiered shelves that slide in and out of the cabinet. One shelf can be used for pots, and their accompanying lids, while the other can be used for pans. Your cabinet will never become messy again. These space-saving cabinet accessories will eliminate the stress of digging through a pile of cookware will be gone for good!

Sink Tilt Trays

Sink tilt trays are a practical way to store unsightly kitchen sponges and drain stoppers. The sink tilt trays are installed in the wasted space found directly under your kitchen sink. This is a perfect place to store bar soap, scouring pads, or even jewelry that is taken off during dishwashing or cooking. The sink tilt trays are made from either stainless steel, or heavy-duty plastic, and come in various sizes and depth. By adding one of these space-saving cabinet accessories to your kitchen, you’ll be utilizing cabinet space you had never even used before.


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