Creative Ways to Add Storage on a Staircase Landing

Smart and Stylish Home Organization Ideas

A staircase landing might seem like wasted space, but it does not have to be completely empty. As long as you still have plenty of room to safely ascend and descend the stairs, the area can be put to good use. It is especially helpful in a home that lacks closets and other forms of storage space. Use these creative and stylish ways to add more, and free up other areas of the home including closets, drawers, cabinets, and rooms that are overflowing.

Install L-Shaped Cube-Style Shelving

Cube-style shelving is ideal for a staircase landing because it is narrow. If space allows, consider creating an L-shaped arrangement. For better stability, secure the shelves to wall studs. Fill some of the openings with canvas storage cubes, and use the others for decorative purposes. They will appear to be built-in, and they will look far more expensive than they actually were. Also, they can be embellished to coordinate with any color scheme.

Place an Ottoman in the Corner

An ottoman can be more than just a place to rest tired feet. These days they are used in place of coffee tables, and they make fantastic stools. Some have removable lids, and the hollow interior can be used to store everything from throws to winter accessories. On a stairway landing, it can be used to hold off-season items, craft supplies and more.

Use a Hall Tree Storage Bench

Despite the name, a hall tree does not have to be kept in a hallway. Depending upon the layout of the stairway and the height of the adjoining wall, it might work well on the landing. Measure the height and width of the wall, and search for a hall tree of the appropriate size. Look for something that offers plenty of storage space. Some include shelves and drawers, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes.

If you would rather not use the hooks for openly storing coats, robes, or other articles of clothing, use them for decorative purposes. Display hanging candles, woven wicker hearts, or other items of choice. For even more storage space, hang woven baskets from the hooks. They will look fantastic, and you will have more room for storing items that need a home.


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