Store and Organize Yarn with Unique Ideas

Yarn can become a jumbled mess if improperly stored. Place it in a plastic bin and you will have to dig for it. Store it in a large basket without a lid, and it will become dusty. It will look better when openly stored, but you will still have to dig for the right color. Organize it instead. Use these creative ways to store and organize your skeins. Specific hues will be found at a glance, and they will remain in great condition.

Crafty Storage Methods

Store it in a Shoe Organizer with Clear Pockets

Clear shoe organizers that hang over doors are ideal for storing just about anything that will fit in the pockets. They are great for holding regular or small skeins of yarn and other knitting or crocheting supplies. Hang the holders on the insides of closet doors or craft room doors. Fill and organize them according to color and/or lot number. As any experienced crafter knows, even a slight variation can ruin a project.

Arrange it in Magazine Holders on Shelves

Magazine holders are designed to store twelve months of magazines, and they are the ideal width for storing and organizing skeins of yarn. Basic cardboard holders are cheap, and they can be neatly stored side by side on shelves. Fill easy to reach shelving with rows of magazine holders and fill them with yarn. The colors will be easy to identify, and digging will not be required to find the perfect hues.

Wrap Short Leftovers Around Wooden Clothespins

Do you have leftover pieces of yarn that could come in handy for future projects? In time they end up becoming terribly tangled, but they are too good to throw away. Wrap short leftovers around wooden spring-style clothespins and clip the ends to secure them. They will not become snarled, and they will be easy to find no matter where they are stored.

Use a Freestanding Wine Rack for Storing Yarn

If you are looking for yarn storage with a little more style, use a freestanding wine rack that has rows of cubicles. Use the individual cubes to store dozens of skeins. They will add color to the room, and the furnishing will not detract from the style of the space. Best of all, the yarn will remain clean and in perfect condition while in storage.


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