Creative Ways to Store Small Bottles of Hand Sanitizer

When hand sanitizer was first made available to consumers, it only came in one unmistakable and highly pungent scent. It still smells like rubbing alcohol, but the overwhelming odor has been toned down with fragrances. You can find just about any fruity, flowery, spicy or mouthwatering scent from candy corn to chocolate. They also come in handy purse-size bottles. If you have dozens of different types, consider these creative ways to display and store them in a bedroom or bathroom. They can become a unique and colorful part of the decorating scheme, and you will always be able to find the one that you want.

Stylish Storage Ideas

Store Them on a Metal Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

Some people suggest storing small bottles of hand sanitizer in clear glass bowls or a basket, but these types of containers are not the best method of storage or display. You should not have to dig to find or reach the one that you want. Store them on a stylish metal wall-mounted spice rack instead. A rack that is designed for holding small spice bottles is just the right size for travel-size hand sanitizer. Specific scents and varieties will be easy to find at a glance.

Add Cases and Hang Them from a Towel Bar

Soft vinyl cases with adjustable hangers are made especially for small hand sanitizer bottles. They securely surround the containers on all sides, but they are open in the center of the front and back for easy identification. They are very convenient since they can be hung from a purse strap or book bag. One of the most creative ways to store the cases is also the easiest. Buy a wall-mounted towel bar in a style and length of your choice, or use an existing bathroom rod to hold dozens of small bottles in coordinating cases. A wall-mounted wooden paper toweling holder with a center bar will also work exceptionally well to keep them organized.

Keep Them in a Tiered Nail Polish Holder

Nail polish holders are good for holding and organizing more than nail enamel. They make arranging a bathroom countertop or a bedroom dresser top easier than ever. Buy a clear tiered holder with partitions. Place a bottle in each little compartment. No matter how you chose to store and display them, always put the containers away when finished and you will never have to search for a specific fragrance, color or variety.


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