Creative Ideas for Storing Kitchen Towels

Simple and Stylish Kitchen Storage Solutions

The bathroom is not the only place in the home, where towel storage can be a problem. They take up a lot of room no matter where they are stored, especially the kitchen. Linen closets and cabinets often lack space, but dishtowels do not have to be tucked away. While living in a rental home that lacked cabinetry, I came up with a few creative methods for storing kitchen towels. Drawer space can be reserved for holding many other items. Consider my ideas for kitchen towels and make room for food, plastic food containers, or anything else that requires cabinet space.

Consider Storing Rolled Towels in a Pretty Basket

When looking for creative ways of storing kitchen towels, consider using basketry. Buy a pretty basket that is around three-fourths of the width of a standard towel. Fold your kitchen towels in half from end to end and tightly roll them up. Place the rolled kitchen towels in the basket, and store them away from the stove or other areas where they might collect grease and other kitchen grime. They will look beautiful in the basket, and the place where you were storing them will be available for storing other items.

Use a Wall Mounted Wine Rack to Store Kitchen Towels

Baskets are cute, but my favorite method of storing kitchen towels is on a wall-mounted wine rack. When my wall mounted wine rack was empty, I came up with an idea. I had to find creative ways of storing my kitchen towels since I needed more drawer space. I rolled up my best towels and began storing them on the wrought iron wine rack. They became part of the decorating scheme, and they were close at hand when I needed them.

Add Vinyl Coated Wire Baskets to Partially Empty Cabinets

Do you have partially empty upper cabinets? Even one would be useful since space could be used for storing kitchen towels creatively and practically. Look for vinyl-coated wire baskets with built-in brackets that can be slid over existing shelving. Add as many as possible to fill up empty cabinet spaces, and use them for storing kitchen towels and dishrags. You will make use of valuable space that would otherwise end up wasted.


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