Tips for Temporarily Storing Things that Belong Upstairs

Ways to End Downstairs Clutter

A home with an upstairs is often more cluttered than a ranch-style abode. When a single item needs to be put away on an upper level, it is not always convenient to climb the stairs. It either ends up on the steps or somewhere nearby. It is best to use provisional methods of storage to control and prevent downstairs clutter. Use these tips for temporarily storing things that belong upstairs, and keep your home neater and much more organized.

Buy a Couple of Pretty Woven Stair Baskets

Baskets are ideal for quickly tucking away items that would otherwise create a mess, but some are specifically designed for storing things that belong upstairs. They are stair baskets, and they are made to sit securely at a right angle. They are ideal for storing things that belong upstairs. Buy one for every family member, and mark them to differentiate who they belong to with a small ribbon or a single painted stripe. The baskets will make it handy to temporarily store things that would otherwise create clutter in the foyer or other areas of the home. Besides serving a valuable purpose, they can be highly stylish, especially hand-woven varieties.

Place a Storage Ottoman in the Entryway

A storage ottoman can serve double duty when looking for a way to temporarily store odds and ends that belong upstairs. If space allows, place it in the entryway, and use the interior storage area to miscellaneous things. It will also serve as a place to sit while putting on and taking off shoes. It will not be evident that the interior is hollow or that it is used to keep clutter at bay.

Keep a Stylish Basket with a Lid on a Foyer Table

If your foyer has enough space for a table, top it with a stylish basket with a lid. A wicker picnic basket like the one pictured is ideal. Although it is meant for holding picnic supplies, it can be used to temporarily hold anything. Designate it as a place for storing things that belong upstairs. Family members can go through it from time to time and put their belongings away as they find them in the basket. It will be used as a catchall, but like the other options, it will also become part of the downstairs decorating scheme.


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