Unique and Stylish Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen window treatments that are available in stores are limited to blinds, shades, fabric valances, curtains and drapes. They do not usually offer anything really unique, arty or stylishly different. Those with a creative flair can come up with their own works of window art that go far beyond scarf valances and homemade tiebacks. Use these ideas for unique and stylish kitchen options, and create a one of a kind display, unlike anything that is readily available in stores.

Creative Options for Kitchen Window Treatments

Use a Rustic Board with a Painted Message Instead of a Valance

Kitchen window treatments do not have to be traditional. The most stylish rooms of all include homemade options, unlike anything that anyone else has. When decorating a kitchen with rustic or old-fashioned style, consider painting a message on a rough board that is approximately the same width as the window. It will serve as a unique and stylish valance while beautifully embellishing your view of the outside world from your kitchen.

Hang a Collection in Front of a Window

Do you have a collection of small bottles, woven jugs or other small items of interest? If they are not likely to break, consider hanging them from a cafe rod on hooks that provide plenty of room. Use the clear thread to hang the items. They will make interesting kitchen window treatments. Fabric is never a requirement when embellishing windows.

Add a Glass Shelf on Wooden Brackets Halfway Down the Window

As the second photo shows, a glass shelf filled with beautiful bottles can look phenomenal in front of a kitchen window. Begin by mounting sturdy wooden brackets on both sides of the window frame. Top it with a sturdy glass shelf. Top the shelf with lightweight containers of fresh flowers similar to those pictured. Glass and floral window treatments are absolutely gorgeous.

Turn Plants and Vines into Kitchen Window Treatments

If you think that you do not have room for plants that vine, rethink your kitchen window treatments. Place a hanging pot in front of a bare window or on a shelf alongside. As the vines become longer, drape them over the tops of the windows. Plant hangers and other hardware can be used as holders and guides. Plants will provide privacy, beauty and oxygen to space, and they can do it in a stylish and visually appealing new way.


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