The Best Flowering Houseplants

Flowering houseplants are a great way to bring some green into your home, especially during the winter months when your outdoor garden is dormant. Flowering houseplants can provide you with cheerful blooms, a light fragrance, add to an empty corner, and give your idle green thumbs something to care for.

When it comes to choosing the flowering houseplants there are several things you need to consider. Does the plant flower once and then fade, or does it offer continuous blooms? What care does the plant require and can you provide for them? Can the plant be relocated outside once summer arrives and survive?

The following are the best flowering houseplants because of their abundant blooms, ease of care, and ability to survive indoors.

African Violets

African violets have long been cultivated for indoor use and have adapted remarkably well. Violets have floral blooms that range from a deep purplish blue to very light pink and even white in color. To guarantee continued blooms divide large potted violets into a couple smaller clusters, and be sure to keep near a continuous source of light. This is especially important while the African Violet is blooming.

While it is possible, transplanting violets is not the easiest plant to garden successfully. If you do decide to try, make sure you wait till any danger of frost occurring has past.

Passionflower Vine

This is a great flowering houseplant if you are looking for something a little different that an attractive pot sitter. Since it is a vine, passionflower will creep its way around your home. The vines, flowers and smell will attract the attention of everyone that enters your home, and that is the perfect reason for adding it to your home.

Passionflower vines are an exotic so they require a little extra care, be sure to pot your vine into the recommended soil. Also, add a nearby trellis or structure for the tendrils to grab hold of, unless you want it to freely wind itself around whatever happens to be closest.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus are the best flowering plant for the long winter months, because they wait until mid winter to bloom and rebloom. The succulent, layered blades that end with a flower drop also make it the perfect choice for someone looking for a unique houseplant.

Thanks to several new hybrid varieties you can now find Christmas Cactus growing in several different colors, from white to red to yellow. Its needs as a cactus make it especially low maintenance for you.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are another great example of a unique flowering houseplant. The broad blades surround a couple thick stems that hold funnel shaped flowers. The most commonly found calla lily in the nursery will have a beautiful white flower, but there are several different varieties available.

A great way to display calla lilies is to clean the roots of all soil and place them in a large clear vase with rocks at the base for support. Add water, plant food, and place in the sunlight. Calla lilies can be added to your garden in the spring where they will continue to bloom.


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