4 Tips for Throwing an Inexpensive Birthday Party for Kids

As many parents know, throwing a birthday party for your child can easily become an expensive affair. Between foods, drinks, favors, and activities, a simple gathering can seriously put a dent in your pocketbook. Here are four simple tips for throwing an inexpensive birthday party for your child, without giving up any of the fun.

Come Up With a Theme

Your homemade birthday party will seem that more special if you keep a theme in mind ahead of time. Is your kindergartener obsessed with dinosaurs or cowboys? Is your preteen all about pink and black damask? Come up with a theme that fits the birthday boy or girl’s talents, hobbies, and interests. Then, the sky is the limit!

Make It a Pot Luck

While a pot luck birthday party for your child may seem a little out of the ordinary, it is a great way to save costs. Agree to purchase a main dish, a birthday cake, and drinks. Ask each guest to bring a favorite snack or side dish. This is also a great idea if several of the other children attending have food allergies or specialty dietary needs. If you are considering a specific theme for the party, ask your guests to bring a specific type of cuisine.

Get Crafty

By using craft supplies you might already have in your arsenal, you can easily create birthday banners and other decorations. Remember that pennant banners only take a bit of fabric or scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, and ribbon to create. If you are missing an art supply item or two, don’t worry! Purchasing a bit of paper or hot glue is still much cheaper than several dozen premade invitations. This is also a great idea for creating party favor bags, which can easily run several dollars for only a few if purchased premade. Not sure you are creative enough to come up with homemade decorations? Look online. There are so many crafty mamas, papas, and professional party planners alike who have blogs to give you the inspiration you need.

Channel Your Inner Baker

You don’t have to have the talents of a Cake Boss in order to create an awesome birthday cake for your child. Box mixes are totally acceptable. In addition, most craft stores offer themed edible toppings or fondants to give the delicacy and extra bit of decoration.


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