Decorating a Bedroom With Tropical Decor

Take a Fresh Look With Tropical Style

Tropical decor ideas can be found all around you at local home improvement stores, online, and even in your own home. Here are some ideas and for creating a tropical bedroom decor in your home.

Wall Decor

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Walls are the perfect place to establish tropical decor ideas in any bedroom. Introduce some tropical ideas to the decor in your bedroom with cool relaxing colors that can be found in your favorite hotel at the beach. Cool blues and greens accented with crisp white trim will immediately create a tropical feel in your bedroom. Mariner and Spa are two great tropical blue colors from Sherwin Williams. For some warm yellow colors try either Solaria or June Day. They can add warmth to any wall.

Textured walls and grass materials scream tropical. You can find many grass textured wallpapers and wall hangings in sources like Tuesday Morning and wallpaper site. Wallpaper and wall hangings are the perfect way to incorporate some texture minus all the colors. You can easily create a tropical feel in your bedroom with neutral beige colors. Just let nature inspire you.

Creating a great view is also a wonderful way to incorporate a tropical touch in your bedroom. muralswallpaper has a nice selection of beach murals that apply like wallpaper. They are quick and easy to install. These murals range in price from as little as $80 to as high as $600.

Tropical Accessories

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Bedbathandbeyond has an unbelievable selection of tropical accents that are perfect for the bedroom. Bamboo poles, flooring, and wall hangings are only a few of the tropical-themed accessories they have. Finding Tropical accessories for your home could be difficult in some states, but thanks to the Internet, the possibilities are endless.


Look up. The ceiling is one of the most dramatic places to add some tropical bedroom ideas. Change out the ceiling fan. Almost every single local home improvement store I have ever been in has those tropical decor-inspired bedroom ceiling fans that look like big palm leaves. They generally cost about $100.00 but can run as high as $300. Ceiling fans are a super affordable way to instantly create a tropical style in your existing bedroom.

Add texture to the ceiling. Use natural bamboo to line your ceiling. This can quickly and inexpensively cover up an outdated or cracked bedroom ceiling. Hang gauzy fabric from the ceiling to create a dramatic tropical bedroom decor. Use hooks that screw into the wall to hang a dramatic sheet of gauzy material around your bed. This is a great idea that will create tropical and romantic decor at the same time. You could also use textured wallpaper on your ceiling.


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The bed is a major focus of any bedroom. Use home decor catalogs for inspirational ideas to create tropical island decor. Ballard Designs is one home decor catalog that is always packed full of great tropical bedroom decor ideas. They are super affordable and can help a lot with ideas for your tropical island decor. Best of all they even sometimes have affordable small furniture that can help continue a tropical bed idea or them to another level without draining your wallet. They also sell coordinating items like bathroom shower curtains, bedroom curtains, and pillows to continue the theme.

Window Treatments

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Finally, don’t forget about the windows. Window Curtains are easy ways you can take your ideas and change your bedroom into a tropical-themed bedroom with the decor you have seen on your travels. Many stores like Pier One, Cost World Market, Ikea, and even local stores like Wal-Mart have great grass and matchstick blinds that are quick ideas for tropical interior design. These matchstick blinds are not expensive, but they look like they cost a lot. You can buy them for as cheap as $10 a blind at Ikea. They are easy to hang and work well to transform your existing curtains into a more tropical theme. Don’t stop at the grass blinds though. Continue with gauzy white curtains to finish off the tropical island decor in your bedroom. Use a bamboo pole from your local home improvement store as a great idea for a tropical curtain rod. This idea is easy to do, and you can often find a bamboo pole in a variety of widths and lengths. I have seen them as small as one inch in diameter to five inches in diameter. You can buy them in almost any length and cut them to size. If you plan, you may be able to mount the tropical bamboo curtain rod on your existing curtain hardware.


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