5 Ways to Turn a Deck into an Outdoor Living Area

How to Create an Open Air Extension of Your Home

A bare deck is a huge waste of outdoor living space no matter the size. It is a solid area that is easy to turn into a stylish place for sitting, relaxing and entertaining. It does not take a lot of money to add comfy furnishings, privacy and more. Existing furniture can be updated, and weatherproof accessories can be added as desired. Use these creative ways to turn a bare deck into a stylish outdoor living area, and add open square footage to the exterior of your home.

Begin with an Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug to Clearly Define the Space

Area rugs can be used to define seating areas, indoors as well as out, and those designed to withstand inclement weather are ideal when striving to turn a deck into a stylish outdoor living area. Start with an eye catching area rug in colors and designs of your choice. It will clearly and stylishly define the seating area, and it will make the outdoor living area feel more like an open portion of the home rather than an exterior deck.

Add New Furnishings or Comfy New Cushions and Throw Pillows

Outdoor living on a deck should be just as comfortable as a favorite indoor space. Update existing outdoor furnishings with new cushions that coordinate with the colors in the area rug, or purchase new furniture. New or updated furniture will help turn any deck into a stylish outdoor living area. It must be comfortable or no one will use it. Synthetic rattan furniture is ideal. It is sturdy, affordable and it is very easy to clean and maintain. Add weatherproof throw pillows for an indoor look and feel.

Consider Adding a Stylish Coach Light or Strings of Eye-Catching Lanterns

Lighting is a must when trying to turn a deck into a stylish outdoor living area, especially when it will be enjoyed after dark. Consider adding a stylish coach light that can be plugged into an existing exterior outlet, or opt for strings of high quality electric lanterns that are perfect for a deck. They will look phenomenal, and they will provide just the right amount of illumination for outdoor nighttime living.

Accessorize with Stylish Concrete Decor

Try accessorizing an outdoor area with the same items that you would use in a living room and they will not last for long. The items that do not blow away will become damaged by wind, rain and other natural forces. Accessorize your deck with concrete decor to help stylize the outdoor living area. Visit a retailer that specializes in painted and unpainted concrete yard decor. Concrete will not blow away, and it will last indefinitely on an open deck.

Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Living Area with Potted Grasses and More

Is privacy a concern on the deck that you plan to turn into an outdoor living area? Use potted ornamental grass and large plants to add natural privacy. Buy eye-catching pots to house the plants. When they are lined up they will create a living wall that offers lots of privacy. The pots can be moved as desired, and with comfy furniture and stylish weather-resistant decor, the deck will become a true extension of the interior of the home.


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