Winter Wonderland Themed Party in a Living Room

Generate a Festive Atmosphere

If you are hosting a Christmas party, you can do more than serve delicious foods and beverages in celebration of the holiday. You can turn your living room into a winter wonderland, and without spending a small fortune in the process. With impressive DIY decorations, you can generate a festive outdoor atmosphere in the heart and soul of your home. Use these easy ways to create a fantastic indoor display. It will appear welcoming and magical, and it will make a fabulous impression on guests.

Begin with a Flocked Holiday Tree and a White Fluffy Tree Skirt

A winter wonderland would not be the same without a flocked holiday tree. If you do not have an artificial tree that appears to have been touched by new-fallen snow, buy one, or create a DIY alternative. Spray an unlighted faux tree with canned flocking spray. Practice on an old tree or freshly cut branches to achieve the desired look. Follow label directions and allow it to dry before adding lights and ornaments thoroughly. Surround the base with a white fluffy tree skirt to represent a thick layer of snow.

Hang Glitzy Snowflakes from Invisible Thread on the Living Room Ceiling

Inexpensive decorative snowflakes are a must-have when creating a winter wonderland for a holiday party. Hang glitzy snowflakes from invisible thread across the living room ceiling. Apply them with colored masking tape that will blend in with the paint, and hang them at varying heights. From a distance, they will appear to be suspended in midair. A slight breeze from a fan will make them appear to be floating.

Adorn the Windows with Rows of Faux Icicles

Faux icicles that are made from high-quality clear plastic look incredibly real, and they are ideal when setting up a winter wonderland in the living room. Line the windows with rows of faux icicles. Hang them from the clear thread, just below the upper frames. Create the illusion of snow by trimming the windows with yards of fluffy white garland. If desired, coat the glass with spray-on stenciled snowflakes and place battery-operated candlesticks on the sills. Whether the party is during daylight hours or after dark, the living room will look amazing.


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