Easy Ways to Turn Sheets Into Window Treatments

Save Money on Scarf Valances, Curtains and More

When considering the cost of window treatments and fabric, sheets are not a bad idea. Yard for yard, they are really quite reasonable, especially cheaper varieties with a lower thread count. They can be used to make curtains and without extensive sewing skills and hours of extra time. Consider these ideas for making valances, lightweight drapes and other window treatments. You can dress up your windows for a whole lot less.

Make an Easy Scarf Valance

Long flowing scarf valances are gorgeous, but they are not usually cheap. Even shorter varieties can cost a lot of money. Use flat sheets of the appropriate color and design instead. Cut off the wide hem, and create new one that matches the edge at the other end. Simply fold, pin and iron the material before stitching it by machine. Drape it over valance hardware, or use something that will work just as well. Short metal plant hooks are ideal for holding yards of fabric over the tops of windows.

Sew a Simple Drapery Hem to Create a Basic Panel

Sheets can be used to make simple drapery panels. Select the sheet size according to the width of the windows. Fold over, iron and pin the end of the fabric that has the narrower hem. The goal is to create a rod pocket. Use heavy cotton thread and a basic sewing machine stitch to complete the rod pocket. The bottom and sides of the fabric will not need to be stitched unless it has been cut. When using sheets instead of material from a fabric store, the edges are already finished.

Make Easy Curtains for the Kitchen and More

If you need several sets of curtains for the kitchen, an enclosed porch or another location with lots of windows, consider using flat sheets instead of buying ready-made window treatments. Take apart an existing curtain to use as a pattern. Pin it into place, and trace around it with fabric chalk before cutting it out. Use a straightedge to mark the fabric. Create the same hems and rod pockets. You will have new curtains, but they will cost a lot less than store-bought window treatments or the material that it would take to make them.


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