How to Turn Wire Baskets into Outdoor Planters

High quality outdoor planters can be quite expensive, and they are not usually very unique. They are manufactured in bulk and sold to hundreds of stores which in turn sell them to hundreds of people. Come up with your own containers for planting when you want something truly unique. I used two old wire baskets to create outdoor planters for my wooden deck, and they turned out much better than expected. The wire baskets that were once used in a chest freezer became beautiful outdoor planters that were filled with bright pink nemisias and sunny orange and yellow pansies.

Unique Methods of Displays

Necessary Supplies

To turn wire baskets into outdoor planters you will need baskets that will not rust. The baskets that I used were covered with white corrosion and were likely made of pot metal, but they had a beautiful patina. Also needed are shredded coconut husks, live sphagnum moss and rich organic soil. Select flowers and foliage to fill the wire baskets. Consider choosing low growing colorful flowers for the center and ivy for the edges. The ivy will trail down the sides of the wire baskets, and the blooms in the center will add natural vibrancy wherever the outdoor planters are placed. The wire baskets that have been turned into unique outdoor planters will look spectacular. .


Begin by lining the bottom quarter of the wire baskets with a thick layer of shredded coconut husk. It will hold in the sphagnum moss and soil while giving the wire baskets a natural look. In the meantime, dampen the sphagnum moss and gently squeeze out the extra moisture. Line the open areas of the wire baskets with moss, and fill the outdoor planters with rich organic soil.

Next, plant flowers and foliage of your choice in the wire baskets. Immediately give them a drink of water. If the soil is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals will not be necessary right away. Keep in mind that container plants drain and dry out quickly. They will require water each day. Once a month, give the flowers and foliage a dose of water-soluble plant food according to label directions. With proper care, the flowers in your outdoor planters will grow beautifully, and they will grace your outdoor living area in spectacular ways.


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