4 Unique and Easy Ways to Use Woodchips

Those that work with wood from tree trimmers to fine craftsman end up with piles and piles of woodchips. Many simply end up in the trash along with endless pounds of sawdust, but they are worth saving to use in creative and practical ways. They can be used in crafting, food preparation, gardening and more. In any case, they do not belong in the trashcan. If you cannot use them, crafty and environmentally conscience people will gladly take them.

Do Not Throw Them Away

Craft a Work of Tabletop Art from Well Chosen Chips

Not everyone has artistic talent, but just about anyone with the desire to create can make animals using woodchips, foam balls and wires. As the second photo shows, lifelike creatures can be crafted from woodchips and a few other natural parts.

Begin by gluing and/or wiring two foam balls together to form a head and body. Stick a wire into the body to form a base for a tail. Wrap the tail with air dry clay. Before the clay has a chance to dry, cover it with wood splinters to give it a bushy look. Cover the foam balls with layer upon layer of woodchips until a squirrel is formed. Use the photo as a guide. A glue gun is the best tool for the job. Use painted pecan shells to create the eyes after finishing the design.

Use them to Smoke Food on a Grill or in a Smoker

Some woodchips are ideal for adding a smoky flavor to grilled foods, and others can be soaked in liquids other than water. Try soaking clean woodchips in a favorite type of beer, juice or wine. Liquid smoke can be added to any of these liquids for a smokier flavor. It is available in many flavors including hickory and mesquite. Expensive woodchips especially for smoking foods are not required, especially when you have access to chips that you can soak according to your flavor preference.

Blend them into Garden Soil

Woodchips can be blended into garden soil to improve it. The soil will have a better texture as the wood breaks down. However, since it is a decaying matter, it will reduce the amount of nitrogen in the soil. It can be replenished by working in composted manure as well. Coffee grounds are also great, but they will increase the acidity. Use them sparingly unless acidic soil is desired. Commercial fertilizer can also be used to increase the nitrogen, but it contains chemicals. Decide which is best for your property and your personal use, and come up with soil that will help to create lush garden plants.

Create a Beautiful Natural Wreath

Decorative wreaths are typically covered in pine branches and/or pinecones, but they also look fantastic when embellished with bits and pieces of well-chosen wood. Use woodchips to create a beautiful natural wreath. Glue the chips one by one to a cardboard form. They look best when slightly layered in a single direction. For something exceptionally unique and interesting, add a few twigs to the mix. It is a great way to use woodchips that might otherwise go to waste, and it will naturally beautify a wall or an entryway door in a rustic location.


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