Easy Steps to Update Ugly Metal Door Knobs

Cheap metal doorknobs with worn metallic coating are eyesores. If they are especially ugly, they will diminish the entire look of a room. As long as they still work, you do not have to replace them.

Hardware for doors can be quite expensive.

Follow these easy steps, and update your unsightly knobs instead. With a simple renovation or two, they will look as good as new.

Alternatives to Replacing Old Door Knobs

1. Use Brushed Metallic Spray Paint

Ugly metal doorknobs are easy to update in minutes. Browse the spray paint aisle of local hardware or discount store, and check out the many options for painting metal. Consider spraying the knobs with primer and brushed metallic spray paint, regular gold, silver, bronze, or a solid hue. With a few sprays from a can, they can look brand new.

2. Clean the Knobs before Painting

If you do not clean the doorknobs before priming and painting, the products will not adhere. Remove the knobs from the doors, and use rubbing alcohol wipes to clean away dirt, grime, and natural oil. They should be completely dry before priming and painting.

3. Prepare the Knobs to Keep Them Turning

Be sure to apply petroleum jelly in the openings or they will become painted shut. The knobs and locks will not turn if precautions are not taken. On the other hand, do not overdo the petroleum jelly or the paint will not adhere. Use a toothpick to apply it to the seams where the knobs and locks turn. Wipe it off with a rag after the paint is dry.

4. Stick the Rods through a Cardboard Box

Cardboard is extremely helpful when trying to update ugly metal doorknobs. One knob will include a rod mechanism, and the other one will not. Push the rod through the box to keep it upright. Prime and paint it according to product label directions. Place the other doorknob in an upright position several inches away from the first one. Prime and paint it as well. Let both knobs dry completely before reinstalling them.

It is amazing how a simple update can completely change the look of a door.


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