Easy Ways to Update Vintage End Tables

Add Style, Color and Modern Flair

Nothing will date a room faster than vintage end tables, especially those from the 60’s and 70’s. Unless they have been updated in creative ways, they will bring down the entire look of the room. Do not discard your outdated furnishings when replacing them with up-to-date furniture. They can be transformed into something completely different but just as useful as ever. You can easily add style, color and modern flair with a few simple additions. Use these easy ways to update vintage end tables, and turn ugly dated furniture into stylish, useful and brand new home furnishings.

Turn Octagon End Tables into Stylish Pet Beds

Do you have a pair of vintage octagon end tables that are screaming to escape from the 1970’s? Do not put them out at the curb. They can be turned into stylish covered pet beds for small dogs and/or cats. Begin by removing the doors and hinges. Sand, prime and paint the exterior wood, and line the interior with a thick and comfy cushion of the appropriate size. When creating covered pet beds for cats, give them an upper bunk. Add peel-and-stick Velcro brand strips across the tops of the vintage end tables, and attach them in corresponding locations on cushions of the appropriate size. With or without the upper cushion, cats and dogs love having their own special dens.

Top Freshly Painted Vintage End Tables with Mosaic Tiles

After ugly vintage end tables have been sanded, primed and painted, consider updating the tops with mosaic tiles. Buy broken tiles from a home improvement store, or cover a single layer with a rag and gently pound them with a rubber mallet to break them into pieces. Stick the broken pieces to the tops of the vintage end tables using tile adhesive. Leave a few millimeters of space in between each one. Choose pieces that fit perfectly until the tops are completely covered. After the adhesive dries, apply ready-made grout using a flexible putty knife. Wipe away the leftovers with a dampened sponge. The end tables will no longer look outdated. They will look in-style and absolutely amazing.

Paint the End Tables and Add Stenciled Text

A fresh coat of paint is often enough to beautifully update vintage end tables. Take it a step further. After sanding, priming and painting the furnishings, top them with stenciled text. Add an inspirational message of your choice. It might be a Bible verse or a favorite saying. Stencil small graphics or designs around the text. Cover the tabletops with a tempered glass of the appropriate size to protect the paint beneath, or coat it with clear acrylic sealer. Your vintage end tables will look amazing, and nothing like they did before they were painted and creatively redecorated.


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