The Uses of Different Types of Light Fixtures

Lighting for Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Kitchens and More

If you’re updating your home, (or you’re just considering changing out the light fixtures, or some other reason,) you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the different types of light fixtures that are available out there. You may even find yourself going “oh, I completely forgot about those lights,” during the process. This guide will help you determine what types of lighting fixtures are an option for your room and lighting needs.

Kitchen Light Fixtures

The kitchen is often referred to as the hub of the home. When lighting a kitchen, it’s important to have optimal lighting, because a lot goes on in the kitchen: cooking, cleaning, families and friends gathering, homework and so, so much more. When choosing light fixtures for a kitchen, be sure to focus in on task areas. This means having lighting over the sink, the countertops, the table, the island, the bar area and any other area; as well as general lighting for the room.

Light fixtures that are ideal for use in kitchens include flush and semi-flush mount fixtures, modern track lighting (to highlight cabinets or artwork, or as general lighting,) pendant light fixtures and so forth.

Dining Room Light Fixtures

In the dining room, you’ll want to have a light fixture that can create different moods. This means installing your light fixture on a dimmer. A dimmer will allow you to change the amount of light, therefore setting the mood for the evening.

Over the dining room table, you can choose to have a standard flush mount fixture, a semi-flush mount fixture, a chandelier, pendant lights or even a modern track light, which can help you focus the individual lights on individual items, such as the plates and artwork around the room.

Living Room or Family Room Light Fixtures

Generally, living rooms do not have the main source of light hanging from the ceiling. Though, rules are made to be broken. Track lighting can be used to highlight artwork or architectural details, such as a fire place. You can also incorporate the use of floor lamps, table lamps and accent lamps around the room to create the perfect ambiance.

Office Light Fixtures

A home office is an important space, especially if you work from home as I do. When choosing light fixtures for an office, use the same thinking process as you used when choosing light fixtures for your kitchen. Focus on the tasks at hand: you’ll need adequate lighting for the room as a whole, as well as task lighting for things like working at your desk or reading in a chair.

In an office, track lighting can help highlight bookshelves, while desk lamps can help focus lighting on your work. Flush or semi-flush mount fixtures can also help provide optimal lighting throughout the room.

Bedroom Light Fixtures

The bedroom is often the easiest space to choose light fixtures for. Aside from some table lamps, a floor lamp and the main source of light on the ceiling, there isn’t much else to worry about. After all, you’re sleeping, aren’t you? Of course, if you enjoy reading in bed or just relaxing in general in your bedroom, be sure to choose light fixtures that will reflect this.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

When you’re in the bathroom, you’re looking to complete specific tasks (i.e., taking a shower, doing your hair or makeup, or… you know, number two.) So, be sure when you’re decorating your bathroom to have plenty of light. Inadequate light, as any woman knows, could leave you looking a little… strange, especially if you’re doing your makeup or putting on spray tan, or something of the like; (and men, we know you do it too. It’s okay.)

Be sure to have a bathroom light fixture over your mirrors, near your shower and have a central source of light for the room. Also, be sure that all of your light fixtures in the bathroom are rated for wet-use, especially the ones overhead or near your shower; as it can get steamy when you’re showering.

Outdoor Light Fixtures

And last, but not least, outdoor light fixtures. Outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors with friends and family during the warmer months of the year.

Lamp posts can help friends and family find your home, just as driveway lighting can help you see when you’re pulling in. Landscape lighting is great for highlight architectural and landscaping details on the exterior of your home and of course, if you have any sort of outdoor building space that you frequent, be sure to provide these spaces with light fixtures as well.


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