Creative Ways to Use Candles in a Fireplace Hearth

Spring and Summer Options

A fireplace is a fantastic addition to just about any home, even during the spring and summer when roaring fires are no longer part of the decor. The mantel and hearth can be decorated in very stylish and impressive ways. It can still be illuminated, but not to create warmth. Light the area with a soft and ambient glow using candles. It can be enjoyed just as much during the warmer months of the year.

Burn Real Wax Candles in a Stylish Wrought Iron Tiered Holder

Display decorative flames when it is too warm to build a fire. Burn real wax candles in a stylish wrought iron tiered holder that will fit inside of the firebox. It might be necessary to remove the grate, but it will look outstanding. Opt for white or ivory varieties that will fill the room with the fragrance of vanilla, lily of the valley or fresh linen. Many other options are available. They will smell as amazing as they look.

Add a Real Birch Log That Holds Flameless Tea Lights

If you love the look of real logs but cannot burn them because it is far too warm, decorate the fireplace hearth with a real birch log that holds flameless tea lights. They can be found on, and the prices are fantastic, especially since they are handmade. Some include attached wooden stands to keep the log stable. Use high-quality flickering varieties to add a touch of realism to the creative display.

Create an Arrangement of Battery-Operated Pillar Candles

Battery-operated pillar candles do not require holders to look phenomenal in a fireplace hearth during the spring and summer months. Create an arrangement of flameless pillar candles inside the firebox, but only after thoroughly cleaning out any leftover ashes. Consider varieties with a little color instead of just white or ivory. When they are illuminated, the colors will look amazing in the dark or dimly lit room.

Decorate Around Your Arrangements with Faux Flowers

Consider adding a splash of color to your spring and summer fireplace hearth. Surround flameless candles with faux flowers in varieties and colors of your choosing. Select blooms that will compliment the colors of your furnishings and other decors. When fall arrives, place the blooms in a vase in another area of the home, and enjoy blazing fires once again. With these creative ways to use candles in your fireplace hearth, you will be able to enjoy it all year long.


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