Creative New Ways to Use Polymer Clay Beads

Home Decor, Handbags and More

Polymer clay beads are good for more than stringing and making necklaces and bracelets. They have many creative uses that do not involve jewelry. They can be used to create home decor, unique crafts and a whole lot more. Even beads that did not turn out exactly right can be used for crafting and decorating. Try these creative new uses for polymer clay designs, and enjoy displaying them in a completely different way.

Display Them on a Candle Tray

Polymer clay beads make fantastic fillers for candle trays. They can be combined with stones, glass pebbles or other bobbles to create a gorgeous display. The first beads that I made were not good enough for jewelry, but they were worth saving and using as unique decorations. Those with multiple colors look fantastic with stones, solid colored flat glass marbles or other types of beads.

Create a Mosaic with Polymer Clay Beads and More

Tiles are not the only parts and pieces that can be used to make gorgeous mosaics. Add polymer clay beads to the design. Attach them to a clay flowerpot or another surface that could use unique and creative embellishments. Use epoxy to securely hold them in place. Apply grout in between the decorative pieces, and wipe away the excess material with a clean damp sponge. It will look much more interesting than a mosaic made solely with tiles.

Decorate a Plain Picture Frame

If you have a basic picture frame that could use a little color and flair, decorate it with polymer clay beads. Randomly glue the beads to the frame using clear drying epoxy or another strong adhesive. If desired, fill in the openings with grout, and smooth the excess away with a clean damp sponge. An ordinary picture frame can look extraordinary with embellishments, and the results will be completely unique.

Attach Polymer Clay Beads to a Handbag

Do you have a plain handbag that could use a little pizzazz? Add splashes of color and a unique new look with polymer clay beads. Attach the beads using clear monofilament or cord in a color that coordinates with the bag. Some materials are not easy to penetrate with a needle, especially leather. Use a sturdy needle along with a thimble to safely push it through. Forget about name brand bags. Opt for hand-designed bags instead. Your polymer bead handbag will look far more unique than anything available in stores.


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