Beautifully Illuminate the Night with Solar Lights Outdoors

Solar lights are typically mounted on stakes and placed in the ground to outline and softly illuminate sidewalks, flowerbeds and other bordered areas. However, they can be used in unique new ways that will light up the night. They can be taken apart and reused in very clever ways along with ordinary items such as canning jars, wireless candelabras and more. Try these easy methods to creatively illuminate your outdoor living area, and save money while creating something decorative, unique and highly useful.

Create an Outdoor Solar Candelabra

Do you have an old candelabra that could be reworked to use outdoors? Remove all of the wiring and light bulbs, and buy small solar lights that will fit in the openings after being removed from the stakes. Use color-coordinating waterproof duct tape to securely hold them in place. Hang the solar candelabra in a location where it will receive plenty of natural light during daytime hours. At night it will beautifully light up the immediate area, and without using electricity.

Make Sun Jars for Porches, Patios and More

You can catch the sun in a jar during the day, and display it on a porch, patio or any other location outdoors long after the stars have appeared. Take apart a solar light of the appropriate size, and after it has absorbed plenty of sunlight, place it inside of a clean clear jar. Sun jars in various colors are especially eye-catching and beautiful. Consider lining your sun jars with strips of art quality tissue paper. The light will beautifully shine through the colored paper and create a gorgeous nighttime display.

Place Solar Lights in Large Round Balloons

When hosting an outdoor evening party, try this fun and impressive method of lighting up the night. After solar lights have absorbed sunlight all day long, carefully place them inside of big round balloons. Simply stretch the openings of the balloons over the solar discs. Tie secure knots, and suspend them on the invisible thread or clear monofilament from the branches of trees or another elevated area. They will appear to float in midair, and they will beautifully light up the surrounding area. No one will know how you did it, and they will remain bright and beautiful for hours on end.


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