Ideas for Using the Small Cabinet Above the Refrigerator

A small cabinet above a refrigerator might seem just about useless since it is not very roomy. It is also usually difficult to reach. Some people do not bother using it at all. I have a number of kitchen cabinets, but I use the smallest one above the refrigerator in a very creative and decorative way. I thought of a number of ideas for using the small cabinet before making a final decisions, and I came up with a number of creative and practical uses.

Creative and Practical Options for Small Cabinets

Remove the Doors and Add Decor

When I started looking for new and more practical ways of using the small cabinet above my refrigerator, I was not thinking of storage. I needed more space for displaying decorative glassware, and the small cabinet above the refrigerator was the ideal location. I removed the cabinet doors and filled in the holes where the hardware once was. I used double sided clear tape to add lace to the edge of the shelves before topping them with cobalt blue glassware and beautiful Wedgwood pieces. It gave me a place to store and display breakable kitchen collectibles, and it looked outstanding.

Add Partitions for Wine Bottles or Other Beverages

Before deciding on a display area for my glass and Wedgwood pieces, I considered adding partitions to the open cabinet above the refrigerator. Even though the area was small, it would have been ideal for holding bottles of wine or other beverages. Measure the cabinet opening, and have a woodworker or cabinet maker design a storage shelf with multiple cubicles for holding bottles of your choice. The design looks great in almost any kitchen, and it can be painted or stained to match existing cabinetry.

Store Seldom Used Cookbooks

Do you like cookbooks? I have an extensive collection of recipe books, but they are seldom used since I stick with several favorite recipes. If you do not want to remove the doors from the small cabinet over the refrigerator but want to make the most of the space, use it to store your cookbooks. The area where the cookbooks had been stored will be available for something else. Even though the cabinet over the refrigerator is small, it will hold dozens of books. Keep the most commonly used recipe books together on the right or the left of the shelf. You will be able to find what you want in a matter of minutes, and the space will not go to waste.


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