Victorian Kitchen: The Designer’s Guide

Designing a Victorian kitchen yourself is a lot harder than it sounds. There are some very specific design details and types of decorations that are appropriate for a Victorian kitchen theme. In addition, it is also important to find the balance between style and usability so that your kitchen is as livable as possible.

How to Decorate a Victorian Kitchen

Here are a few design tips that I have shared with others for a DIY Victorian kitchen. A Victorian-themed kitchen should follow the style ideas that are popular in other Victorian rooms. This includes beautiful, rich furnishings and decorations, intricate and embellished moldings and furniture, and plush flooring and ornamentation.


For your DIY Victorian kitchen, the choice of color that you decide to decorate is largely about personal taste and preference, but it is important to keep in mind the popular colors used in Victorian designs. Color schemes that work best within a themed kitchen include deep reds and burgundy, deep greens and other jewel tones, and copper or other rich earth tones. Just like designing and decorating any other room in your home, the color you decide to go with should be used enough so that it is noticeable, but should not be used on everything to overwhelm the room in color and wash out any design features that would otherwise stand out.

Walls, Molding, and Cornices

Design features like wallpaper, molding, and cornices can add a lot of rich and exciting textures to any room. A Victorian kitchen can also benefit from these features, but they should be used in moderation so that the room is not overdone. If the wallpaper is decided on, a focal wall or a wall that is serving as a backdrop for the rest of the kitchen is a great choice for wallpaper. One of my favorite places to browse for Victorian-inspired wallpaper is thevictorianemporium because they sell authentic Victorian restoration wallpaper designs.


The hardware that you decide to use throughout your kitchen adds so much to the theme and feel, through just a couple of small details. DIY fixes like wall-mounted kitchen faucets, embellished drawer pulls, backplates, and hinges in ceramic and porcelain inspire you with an authentic Victorian theme. For a nice selection of Victorian kitchen faucets and other hardware try Bellacor.


If you are going to be decorating a furnished kitchen, the furniture you choose is also an important part of your design theme. Victorian-themed furniture should be decorative and ornate, and also have a feel of the exotic about it. The best way to get an exotic feel with furniture is to look for those pieces that either have a very distinct fabric that evokes a lush landscape or to buy furniture that is made with exotic woods that are still able to be made into prim pieces of furniture.


Décor is the fastest and easiest way to really pull a themed room together. Stencil designs, wall hangings, ornate frames, and pictures are just some of the more popular Victorian house decorations that can be added to your kitchen. One of the most popular designs is the fleur-de-lis, which can be included in candle holders, wall mounts, and fabric and wallpaper.

Here are some other suggestions to get you started in the designing of your Victorian kitchen…

Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware used to decorate your kitchen will really add to the Victorian feel of the room. You may even find that you enjoy cooking on cast iron cookware; I know I love mine!

Aside from cookware, you can find antique or reproduction cast iron utensils, such as serving spoons and trivets. Cast iron table decorations will also add to the Victorian feel of your kitchen.


Victorian decorating usually includes lots of flowers. Whether or not you decide to decorate with bouquets of floral arrangements is up to you. If you would prefer to skip the actual flowers, consider decorating your kitchen with other floral-themed items, such as floral print towels, placemats, plates, or potholders.


Toile patterned dinnerware, tablecloths, and tea sets will really help your kitchen to take on a Victorian feel. You can either purchase these new as reproductions, or you can purchase them from antique stores.


Lacy table linens combined with floral patterns are most definitely Victorian in nature. If you would like to keep the lace to a minimum, you may consider using kitchen towels or placemats trimmed in lace. Kitchen curtains made of lace also create a Victorian kitchen feel.


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