Stylish Ways to Decorate With Vintage Hanging Oil Lanterns

Use Them With or Without Lamp Oil

Oil lanterns are more than just alternate sources of light during short-term power outages. They are fantastic decorative pieces that are stylish and highly useful. They add a touch of rustic cottage charm to a living room, an enclosed porch, a bedroom or any other appropriate space in the home, and they can be displayed in unique and eye-catching ways. Consider these creative new ways to decorate with hanging vintage oil lamps. With or without a wick and lamp oil, they can be used to beautifully illuminate windows, corners and more.

Hang Oil Lanterns on Elk Antlers

If you prefer decorating in a wildlife theme, consider hanging a single elk antler on a wall. Mount it vertically instead of horizontally, and hang two or three oil lanterns from the tines. This is a great way to use a single antler that was found on the ground. Sheds can also be purchased online and in stores that sell supplies for making knife handles, wildlife decor and more.

Use Wall-Mounted Jeweled Plant Hangers

Wall-mounted plant hangers are good for more than just decorating a vertical space with hanging potted plants. They are ideal for holding oil lanterns. Add color and unique style to basic wrought iron hangers by attaching flat glass pebbles to the bottom and top of the metal parts. Use E6000 adhesive or something equally as strong to attach glass pieces in colors of your choice. The glass will beautifully shine when touched by the light from the oil lanterns, and they will create a unique and eye-catching display.

Hang One in Each Window

Battery-operated candlesticks are popular window decorations, but they are not the only options for illuminating windows. When oil lanterns have been outfitted with flameless candles instead of oil and wicks, they make fantastic vintage luminaries for windows. Remove all traces of oil and add a battery-operated tea light or votive candles that will automatically turn on and off at regular intervals. Hang the lanterns from hooks over the tops of the windows on long strands of sturdy jute twine. They will give the windows a magical glow while providing a unique alternative to the usual plastic candlesticks that are typically used to decorate windowsills. Unlike decor with holiday flair, they are ideal for use year-round.


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