How to Create Wall Art with Wine Corks

I never throw wine corks away. On the contrary, I save them to create bulletin boards, key chains and wall art of my different types. Cork is a very versatile material that can be used in unique and creative ways. I have asked family and friends to save their corks since it takes dozens of bottles of wine to create a single work of wall art. I have been able to create many different items to give as gifts and to hang in my home. Use these unique and creative ideas, and create wall art designs, monogrammed displays, stylish frames and more.

Designs, Lettering and More

Create Floral Wall Art with Wine Corks, Paint and More

One of my favorite ways to create wall art with wine corks involves cutting the cork to create vases of flowers. As the photo shows, the wine corks can be cut lengthwise and crossways to create eye-catching blooms. They can also be painted with thinned acrylic craft paint and attached to a painted canvas board or a piece of wood with hot glue. The stems can be made with a green ribbon or cord. Use your imagination and a utility knife to create dimensional wall art that will rival all others.

Top Oversized Wooden Letters with Wine Corks

Oversized wooden letters are available in craft stores and through skilled woodworkers. They can be decorated in very creative ways that go far beyond paint and glitzy embellishments. Consider covering oversized wooden letters with wine corks. They make fantastic wall art. Trim the wine corks as necessary, and attach them with hot glue. Consider hanging cork wall art that forms a name or a word. It is ideal for a home office. The wall art can serve double duty when it is used to post business cards and notes.

Turn Special Wine Corks into Wall Art

As the second photo shows, special wine corks can be turned into stylish works of wall art. Buy a framed shadowbox for displaying a wedding or anniversary cork from a bottle of wine. Place it on a light-colored background and it will stand out beautifully. It is a decorative token from a bottle of celebratory wine, and in addition to beautifying a wall, it will hold great meaning. With proper care, it will serve as a reminder of a very special celebration that can be preserved forever.


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