5 Decorative Ways to Reuse Old Doors

It seems a shame to waste a beautiful, old wooden door. Do you have an old door that no longer has a purpose in your home? There is a possibility that you could re-purpose it and use the door in a new way. You might have even seen a piece of furniture in another home that once filled the doorway in that very house.

What are some decorative ways you can reuse old doors in your home?

Dining table

Placed upon four legs, a solid wood door would make a great dining table. Despite the decorative panels, you don’t have to worry about your plate spilling on the uneven surface; simply fill in the doorknob hole and have a piece of glass cut to the same size as the door. The glass will provide a smooth surface while protecting the wood from spills. You could even turn a paned glass cabinet door into a cocktail table for the living room.


There are various ways you can reuse old doors as your headboard. For example, you can paint a set of bi-fold closet doors and line them up behind the bed. If you have a tall cabinet door that is the right size, you can mount it horizontally to the wall so it looks like part of the bed.

Shelving unit

My parents once bought a corner shelving unit that was made from an old door. It was cut in half, lengthwise, and reattached at a 90-degree angle. A few shelves were built inside the unit to be used for decorative purposes. It had a sort of antique look, with the weathered paint and the original doorknob still intact.


Doors can even be repurposed as room dividers or decorative pieces. If you have a set of bifold doors, simply attach them (or leave them attached) with hinges. When they are folded, they will stand up on their own. Paint the doors so they will complement your interior decor.


Entry bench

There are several ways to incorporate old doors into an entry bench. For a longer bench, cut the door in half lengthwise and secure it to the wall. The other half can be used as the “backrest” or to conceal the space underneath the bench. Or, you can stand the entire door up vertically and secure it to the wall, building a bench in front and attaching hooks or a mirror to the old door.


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