Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

A Self-Priming Coating with Many Unexpected Uses

Self-priming chalkboard paint is good for more than just resurfacing worn-out chalkboards. Years ago, they were disposed of and replaced, but these days ready-made coating is available in stores that sell painting supplies. It can be found in more than slate gray and classroom green. It is available in gorgeous hues from country cottage blue to maroon, and you will find many other unique colors that can be written on with chalk. Because of availability and color options, it is used in countless ways that were never even though of decades ago. Consider three of the most creative ways to use chalkboard paint and transform something ordinary into an extraordinary surface for jotting down notes, sentiments and more.

Coat the Inside of a Kitchen Cabinet Door for Personal Notes

Chalkboard paint can be a lot of fun, especially when using it in unique and creative ways. Consider creating a personal space for leaving notes in chalk. The inside of a main kitchen cabinet door is the ideal location. Coat it in a color that coordinates with the kitchen, and leave a small cup of chalk nearby. Jot down everything from reminders to notes for the family.

Use Chalkboard Paint for Labeling Indoor Clay Planters

Clay planters are a joy to decorate, and they can be used indoors or out. When looking for one of the most creative ways to use chalkboard paint, coat the exterior of your indoor clay planters. A row of small pots filled with herbs would look great on a sunny kitchen windowsill. Mark the types of herbs in chalk on the pots and you will never forget what you planted. Best of all, if you decide to plant something different, you can easily erase the old labels.

Cover an Interior Bedroom Door for a Child

Young children are notorious for writing on walls. When they are old enough to know better, cover an interior bedroom door with chalkboard paint. They will have a blast drawing pictures and writing short anecdotes and reminders. They will love being able to write on their door, and unlike the past, when they innocently scribbled on the wall, they will be able to do it without getting into trouble.


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