Unique and Creative Ways to Use Giant Silk Flowers

Stop in at Hobby Lobby or another major craft store that sells artificial blooms and you will find giant silk flowers. They are hundreds of times larger than the usual stems, and they are quite impressive. At $20 each, they are also quite expensive. It would cost a small fortune to fill a big floor vase, but you can use them in a number of other unique and creative ways. Consider these imaginative ways to use over-sized fabric flowers, and add a touch of whimsy to the bedroom, living room or any appropriate location.

Place one Giant Silk Flower across the End of a Bed

A huge silk flower with a long thick stem does not have to be displayed in a vase to look phenomenal. If your bedroom is decorated with country cottage style or traditional by design, consider using an over-sized bloom to decorate the bed. Place it across the end of the bed or across the pillows. It will become the focal point of the bedroom, and it will add amazing color, beauty and unique designer appeal.

Mount a Big Bloom over Bedroom Windows

Another unique, creative and stylish way to use giant silk flowers is with existing window treatments. They will beautifully top your view of the outside world while enhancing the interior design of the space. Choose faux flowers in colors that coordinate with the walls and existing decor. Mount a single big bloom over each bedroom window using plant hooks or 3M hooks. Either one will adequately support the large stems. They will look spectacular and far different from ready-made wall art or window treatments.

Hang One over an Interior Doorway

If a bedroom doorway offers plenty of headroom, considering hanging a giant silk flower just above it. The bloom will dress up the doorway very nicely while adding color and unique style to space. Use plant hooks to securely hold them against the wall. Large 3M hooks would also work very well, and they will not leave behind holes or adhesive residue. In any case, a basic bedroom doorway can become a stylish and colorful passageway to the next room.


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