Wearing Scarves for Women Like a Celebrity

One such timeless accessory is the scarves. Thanks to the chic celebrity scarves look, it has secured its place in fashion history.

The trick to wearing celebrity scarves is to choose the ones made out of the best materials that you can find. Stars know that there is no faking quality and it shows in their choices. Whether its cashmere or cotton, you can up the ante by picking wisely. Look for well-made pieces and pay particular attention around the edges. Fraying and unraveling of the fibers means that the item is not a good idea. Take care of the material by storing them properly. Make sure that you follow cleaning instructions to prevent fading or destruction.

Celebrity scarves can easily be yours and you can even buy them at any budget.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that expensive always mean value. Getting the most bang for your buck means that you just have to know how to shop wisely. You can get a bargain by periodically checking out your favorite shops to see if any of the pieces that you have been eyeing are on sale. You can also try shopping online to get better rates for your purchases. A favorite method of stars for looking good is by hunting through vintage shops for stylish shawls. You can do the same thing and you may be able to hit the jackpot as well. The good news for those craving for style is that looking like a superstar does not mean breaking the bank.

Another way to look like a celebrity when wearing scarves is to get creative. Just because they are normally worn around the neck does not mean that this is a hard and fast rule. Stars have been seen wearing these accessories around their hair for a glamorous appearance.

Take your cue and wrap a scarf around your head like a headband.

Another favorite among the famous is using a scarf to accessorize their other accessories. After all, you can never have enough style if you want to belong to the famous set. Get inspired by tying one of your more colorful pieces around the handle of your favorite handbag to add color and texture. Style is definitely amplified when you get the most out of your pieces.

Fashion is one aspect where it is perfectly acceptable to ignore some rules. Do not be afraid to pick a pattern that is beyond your comfort zone. Some recent trends have seen celebrity scarves adorned with polka dots and even skulls. You can even mix patterns to come up with a signature look. One way of putting together different designs in the cloth is to keep them all in the same color palette.

If patterns are a little too playful for your taste, you can opt for something more traditional. Pick one in a solid color like black or red for a timeless appearance. Whatever look you are going for, there is a scarf to complete the look.

It is easy to look like a celebrity with scarves. It is one of the easiest ways to create icon appeal. Donning one will show that just like your favorite stars, you have the confidence and the fashion savvy to handle the attention that is sure to come your way.


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