5 Best Window Dressing Ideas for Your Home

1. Sheers

When it comes to window dressings, nothing welcomes spring and summer like a pair of sheer curtains. They’re simple, lightweight, and let the sunshine in. I can easily picture these embroidered lovelies in my bedroom or bathroom, fluttering in the warm afternoon breeze.

2. Beach Blues

I live on the east side of Los Angeles, which means even though I’m a car ride away from the ocean, I rarely get to the beach. I try to make up for that by adding a few ocean-inspired touches to my home. Any landlocked residence can benefit from this pair’s dreamy ocean blue color and embroidered valance.

3. Flower Power

Gardening is not my strong suit, but picking out pretty floral curtains is. This panel is just right. The English rose pattern gives it a distinct vintage vibe, while the cool color palette keeps the room feeling bright and fresh. Use it to soften a formal living room or dining room, or to add a regal touch to your guest bedroom.

4. Slim Shade-y

I enjoy any piece of home decor that’s easy to install. These lightweight paper shades may, in fact, take the prize for being the easiest. They have a peel-and-stick mount even a child could handle.

5. Serious Stripes

I think this pair of window panels are great for several reasons. Its three-quarter length is not something you see often. It instantly gives any room a fresh, modern feel. I also love the wide neutral stripes. In any other color, they would be overwhelming, but the combination of gray, tan and white keeps them from hijacking the tone of the room.


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