Wine Glasses Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Party

Ways to Add Sparkle and Style

Wine glasses for a formal wedding party cannot be too fancy, especially those that will be used by the bride and groom. Their goblets should be stunning, but they do not have to cost a small fortune. A plain set can be decorated to look like something worthy of royalty, and for far less than ever imagined. Since they are unique, you will have beautiful accessories that no one else will have at their marriage celebration. You will also save yourself some money in the process. Weddings are expensive, and the savings all add up.

Necessary Supplies

To beautifully embellish wine glasses for a wedding party you will need Austrian crystal gems in colors of your choice, pointed tweezers and adhesive that will adhere to metal and glass. To save even more money, gems that are made from glass can be used instead of a crystal.

Consider adding sterling silver beads, charms and other small decorations as well. Wine glass charms are also ideal when decorating elegant goblets for a wedding party. Make the charms using wire and a selection of glass beads. How to Make Wine Glass Charms provides several photos and ideas that will help you to create your works of glassware extras.

Small wire decorations are also eye-catching and highly unique. If using wire, you will need small needle-nose pliers for jewelry making and a pair of wire snips. The wire can be wrapped to create intricate swirled designs. Experiment with various materials to create unique wedding accessories that will beautifully highlight the tableware and decor.


Begin by coming up with a pattern. If necessary, draw it out on paper before gluing embellishments to the wine glasses. Use small pieces of rolled tape to get an idea of what you want. It will allow you to remove the embellishments around while planning the design.

Add metal decorations first. Evenly space them around the foot and bowl of each glass. The wire can be wrapped to create small spirals, and the centers can be filled with tiny Austrian crystal gems. Spirals can also be surrounded with small gemstones. The design possibilities are endless!

After attaching metal beads or charms, glue crystals in between. Avoid the rims of the glasses. Decorations can be added everywhere else and in any pattern desired. Even randomly added bobbles, crystal and beads will look phenomenal when touched by candlelight, and they will become conversation pieces at the wedding celebration and long after the celebration is over.


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