Winter Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

Wedding cakes are typically decorated with edible flowers of one kind or another. They can be quite beautiful, but they are not original, unique, or ideal for winter weddings. They are also commonly decorated with toppers that include plastic couples under arches or gazebos. Why go with what everyone else does to end your wedding celebration? Break tradition and choose unique and impressive winter cake decorations. Provide your favorite ideas to a bakery of choice, and select what you want instead of what others expect.

Impressive, Creative, and Beautiful Options

Add Beautifully Detailed Snowflakes

When planning a winter wedding, consider having your cake decorated with edible snowflakes. Ask the decorator to create a cake that is covered with beautiful light sky-blue fondant. Have the cake trimmed in white fondant pearls and covered with evenly spaced snowflakes in various sizes that sparkle and shine in the light. The top layer can be embellished with a large, hard-sugar snowflake that is surrounded by smaller ones, or an acrylic design that looks like an ice sculpture. Consult the first photo to gain a better idea of how the finished wedding cake will look, but imagine it with a light-blue background instead of white.

Consider Rock-Candy Icicles

Another design that would look lovely on a winter wedding cake includes edible icicles that look like sparkling jewels. Consider adorning every layer with rock-candy icicles. They can be used to decorate around the tops of layers that have been covered with sparkling white fondant. A light-blue background is also ideal with this particular winter design. For something whimsical and fun, top it with an edible snow couple. Otherwise, consider a beautiful winter topper that will wow your guests. Imagine a fiber-optic topper in colors of your choice. Shop online for fiber-optic toppers, and build on the aforementioned ideas with a few of your own.

Add Sparkling, Frosted Pine Branches and Pinecones

Pinecones and pine branches are to winter like flowers are to spring and summer. Pine branches and related cake decor are ideal for a winter wedding. The second photo provides a visual idea of what it can look like. Consider having a talented cake decorator make edible gum-paste pinecones and pine branches that will beautifully adorn each layer. Anything is possible with fondant, gum paste, and a good imagination.


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