How to Make a Wooden Crate Headboard

If you’re going to invest in a headboard why not have one that is useful as well as pretty? There are many choices of headboards, from bookcase headboards to wrought iron ones, but none are as easy to “build” as a wooden crate headboard. It acts as a headboard but has lots of room for displaying photos, books, vases of flowers, and knickknacks. What could make a better headboard than that?

You really don’t have to do a lot of work to make a wooden crate headboard because you buy the crates already made – unless you do woodworking and you want to make your own crates. The ideal crate doesn’t have a particular size or shape; most any set of crates that isn’t too deep will work. There are so many designs that you can give to the headboard so it’s helpful to measure the area where you will build it and to sketch out a design.


  • Wooden crates
  • Screws
  • Drill

Find wooden crates at a home improvement place, a gardening store, or even at a discount department store. Purchase just one long box, two shorter ones, or a bunch of small boxes – the design is up to you. Drill a set of holes on the backside of each wooden crate and use two screws in the wall to hang it. Hang the crates to go from the floor to the ceiling, from the floor to just above the mattress, or from the top of the mattress, up a few feet. Simply hang each box to create the design that you like.

It’s up to you if you paint the crates to create a new look or leave them in an unfinished state for a rustic look. You can even create an antique look by painting each crate and then wiping off most of the paint before it dries. Hit the crates with chains, scratch them with nails, sand on them with sandpaper, or otherwise mar them, if you want a distressed look.

Each wooden crate on the wall can hold things that you want to display. Store vintage encyclopedias, crafts that your children have made, statuettes, trophies and ribbons, and so much more. You’ll find the headboard very easy to create, extremely charming, and very useful. Can’t get enough of the wooden crates? Set two of them as nightstands on each side of the bed or hang some on another wall in the room to extend the look of the crate design in the bedroom.


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