How to Make Yarn Chandeliers for an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be just as beautiful as an indoor ceremony, especially when care is taken to decorate the location. An area with large trees is especially lovely, and it can be made even more enchanting with the addition of beautiful hanging decor. Make string chandeliers like those pictured. They will look gorgeous when hung from a tree branch, either with or without lights. After the nuptials, they can be displayed in your home and serve as a stylish reminder of your special day.

Gorgeous DIY Decorations

Necessary Supplies

To make string chandeliers that will be used to decorate at an outdoor wedding you will need one or two skeins of white cotton yarn, round balloons of various size and liquid starch. You will also need a clean one-inch wide paint brush, a pin, clear thread or fishing line, cooking spray, a bowl and a pair of scissors. A clothesline, a shower rod or another place to hang the chandeliers while they dry is also necessary. If they are hung indoors or in an area that could become damaged by the liquid starch, you will also need newspaper to protect the ground or the floor.


Begin by blowing up the balloons to create various sizes. Tie the end of the yarn around the knot, and do not cut it off from the skein. Hang the balloons from a rod, pole, clothesline or limb using clear thread or fishing line, and coat them with cooking spray. It will prevent the yarn from sticking to the balloons after the starch solidifies.

Next, begin winding the attached piece of yarn around the balloon in every direction. Using the photo as a guide, stop wrapping it when the surface is sufficiently covered. Clip the yarn and dip the end in liquid starch. Stick it to the balloon.

Before the yarn begins falling off, gently paint the wrapped balloon with liquid starch. Be sure to thoroughly soak the yarn. Follow the same steps to hang and wrap the remaining balloons. Let the outdoor wedding chandeliers dry for at least 24 hours before attempting to remove the balloons. After they are dry, pop them with a pin, and pull them out with tweezers if they cannot be reached with your fingers.

Optional Additions

The orbs would not be considered true chandeliers if they do not include lights. If you want to light up your hanging white wedding orbs, leave enough space to add a battery-operated tea light candle. Simply push it through an opening. They will beautifully glow after dark, or in an area with significant shade.

You can add sparkles to the yarn chandeliers. Coat them with fine spray-on glitter after the starch fully dries. It comes in various colors including silver and gold. When lightly coated with glitter, the chandeliers will look great whether they are illuminated by flameless candles or sunshine on your wedding day.


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