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The 5 Best Bidet Attachments for Warm Water

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By David Mason

In my search for the best bidet attachments offering warm water, I found high-quality options like the LUXE NEO 320Tushy, and DooLv.

These choices boast impressive features such as adjustable water pressure and temperature controldual-nozzle systems, and ease of installation. They’re all environmentally friendly, reducing toilet paper use.

Further exploring will equip you to make an informed decision and potentially enhance your hygiene.

Our Top Picks

#1 Best Overall

LUXE NEO 320 Bidet Attachment

Best Overall
LUXE Bidet NEO 320 - Hot and Cold Water, Self-Cleaning, Dual Nozzle

Best For: Those seeking advanced features, personalized comfort, and easy installation in a bidet attachment that promotes ecological sustainability.

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I’ve found the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 to be the clear standout among warm-water bidet attachments. It’s not just its advanced features but also its focus on user comfort and ease of installation that sets it apart.

The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 features a sleek and intuitive design, with dual nozzles catering to posterior and feminine washes. This guarantees a thorough and gentle cleaning experience. The standout feature, however, is the warm water option. It dramatically enhances comfort, especially in colder climates where cold water can be quite a shock.

Installation is a breeze, even for those with minimal plumbing knowledge. The package includes all necessary attachments and clear instructions. The design of the T-valve adapter for the hot water connection underscores Luxe’s commitment to user safety and convenience. Yet, it’s essential to use high-quality Teflon tape for leak-free connections.

The adjustable water pressure and temperature controls allow for a customized cleaning experience, accommodating personal preferences and sensitivities. The nozzle guard gate and self-cleaning function guarantee the nozzles stay sanitary between uses.

The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 is an excellent choice from an environmental perspective. It reduces toilet paper consumption and uses water efficiently, contributing to environmental conservation.

Despite minor drawbacks like visible inlet hoses and the need for hot water connectivity, the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 offers overall quality, functionality, and value. In sum, it’s a superior product, offering comfort, cleanliness, and sustainability in an elegant package.


  • Dual-nozzle system for thorough and targeted cleaning
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature controls for personalized comfort
  • Easy installation with clear instructions and included attachments


  • Visible hot and cold water inlet hoses might detract from bathroom aesthetics

#2 Best Runner-Up

Tushy Warm Water Bidet Attachment

Tushy Spa Warm Water Bidet Attachment. Universal Toilet Fit

Best For: Those seeking a customizable, environmentally friendly upgrade to their hygiene routine that offers comfort, precision, and luxury.

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Stepping into the limelight as the runner-up, the Tushy Warm Water Bidet Attachment brings a refreshing mix of style and functionality. This non-electric bidet provides an efficient warm water supply for front and rear wash, ensuring a comfortable and thorough cleanse every time.

One of its standout features is the ability to adjust the water pressure. This feature lets you customize your experience to your preference, making each visit to the bathroom a revitalizing experience. The water pressure is correct, neither strong nor weak, providing a comfortable cleanse.

The Tushy Warm Water Bidet Attachment’s design is sleek and modern, effortlessly blending into any bathroom decor. Its installation process is straightforward and requires no special tools or expertise. However, it’s important to note that this model requires a warm water source nearby, which might limit its installation in some bathrooms.

On the environmental front, it reduces toilet paper usage, making a noteworthy contribution to conserving our planet’s resources. Its non-electric operation also saves energy, making it a highly sustainable choice for the eco-conscious homeowner.

In terms of price, the Tushy Warm Water Bidet Attachment is a worthy investment. While it might seem a bit expensive initially, the potential savings on toilet paper and its improved hygiene make it an excellent value for money.


  • Provides a customizable cleaning experience with adjustable water pressure and temperature controls.
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing the need for toilet paper and contributing to more sustainable living.
  • Easy to install with clear instructions and included components, fitting seamlessly into most modern bathrooms.


  • The warm water takes a few moments to heat up.

#3 Budget Pick

DooLv Hot and Cold Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Budget Pick
Hot and Cold Bidet Attachment for Toilet, Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment Warm Water

Best For: Individuals seeking an economical yet luxurious addition to their bathroom routine, with dual temperature settings and a self-cleaning nozzle.

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While the Tushy Warm Water Bidet Attachment made a significant impression, the DooLv Hot and Cold Bidet Attachment for Toilet deserves attention for its budget-friendly price and thoughtful design. This bidet attachment stands out with its ease of installation, hot and cold water options, and a self-cleaning nozzle.

The installation process is relatively straightforward for those with basic DIY skills. The instructions are clear, and the tool requirements are minimal, a sign of DooLv’s user-friendly approach. One point to note is that the bidet needs to be installed close to a sink to access hot water. This might be a challenge if your bathroom layout doesn’t support such a setup.

The hot and cold water options let you customize your cleansing experience to suit your comfort level. Plus, the addition of a self-cleaning nozzle makes maintaining hygiene a breeze. However, getting the right mix of hot and cold water can be tricky, affecting the precision of water temperature control.

Despite this minor inconsistency, the DooLv bidet attachment brings quality and ease of use to your bathroom at a budget-friendly price. It’s a solid pick for those looking to upgrade their hygiene routine without breaking the bank. But before purchasing, make sure your bathroom layout supports its installation, and you’re comfortable with minor plumbing tasks.


  • Affordable without compromising on quality.
  • Provides hot and cold water options for superior comfort.
  • Easy to install with clear instructions and minimal tool requirements.


  • Proximity to the sink is crucial for hot water access, which might limit installation in some bathrooms.

#4 Also Great

Hibbent Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment

Also Great
Hibbent Toilet Seat Bidet with Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle, Hot and Cold Water Spray Non-Electric

Best For: DIY enthusiasts seeking a reliable and customizable bidet experience with a preference for both hot and cold water options.

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The Hibbent Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment emerges as a significant contender thanks to its easy installation, versatile functionality, and robust build quality. Despite being a budget pick, it doesn’t skimp on delivering a premium experience.

Installation is a breeze, even for those less familiar with DIY tasks. You can run it in under 20 minutes with clear instructions and online tutorials. Its adjustable pressure functionality caters to various preferences, ensuring everyone can find their comfort zone.

Durability is another crucial factor, and the Hibbent bidet doesn’t disappoint. It’s built to last, offering a reliable, high-quality construction that stands the test of time. This robustness, particularly at its price point, makes it an excellent value for money.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. There are some compatibility issues, especially with non-standard toilets. You may need additional parts not included in the kit, leading to extra expenses and a trip to the hardware store. Despite this, Hibbent’s customer service is known for its swift responses and helpfulness.

Overall, the Hibbent Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment offers a fantastic balance of price, functionality, and durability. It’s a solid choice for those looking to enhance their bathroom experience on a budget.


  • Easy installation process suitable for beginners, with clear instructions and online tutorials available.
  • Adjustable water pressure and precise aim for a personalized and effective cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing the need for toilet paper and offering long-term financial savings.


  • Potential compatibility issues may require additional parts not included in the standard kit.

#5 Also Great

Brondell Left Hand Bidet Attachment

Also Great
Brondell Bidet Left Hand Bidet Attachment SouthSpa Dual Temperature

Best For: Individuals with limited mobility, those recovering from surgeries, or anyone who values personal hygiene and high comfort levels in their bathroom experience.

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The dual temperature feature is revolutionary from a personal hygiene standpoint. It’s especially valuable for those with limited mobility or recovering from surgeries, as it offers a sense of independence and dignity.

This bidet attachment is user-friendly to install. High-quality components such as an all-metal T-valve and metal braided hose ensure durability and leak-free performance. It provides a thorough cleaning and outperforms toilet paper in hygiene and eco-friendliness.

However, it’s not without minor quirks. The need for an adapter for non-standard plumbing connections can be a slight inconvenience, and some users, including myself, have noted that the toilet seat doesn’t sit perfectly after installation. But overall, it’s a stellar product that offers comfort, independence, and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper.


  • The revolutionary dual temperature feature provides unmatched hygiene and comfort.
  • User-friendly installation with high-quality components for assured durability.
  • Environmentally friendly, offering a more hygienic and eco-conscious alternative to traditional toilet paper.


  • It may require an adapter for non-standard plumbing connections.

Bidet Attachments for Warm Water Buying Guide

When shopping for a warm-water bidet attachment, several key factors must be evaluated to select the best option. I’ll share some critical considerations and insights to help guide your decision-making process.

Two bidet attachments with adjustable temperature controls

Water Heating Method

One of the most important aspects is how the bidet attachment heats the water.

  1. Tank-type heaters: These bidets have a small reservoir that stores and maintains pre-heated water. When you activate the wash, the warm water is immediately available but typically only lasts 30-60 seconds before cooling down as the tank empties. The tank then takes a few minutes to refill and reheat.
  2. Instant/tankless heaters: Rather than storing heated water, these models use a heating element to warm the water on demand as it passes through. This allows unlimited warm water at a stable temperature, even during extended washes. However, there is often a brief blast of cold water when the wash starts as the water in the line before the heater comes out.
  3. Hybrid heaters: As the name suggests, these combine a small pre-heated tank with an instant heating element for the best of both worlds – immediate warm water that doesn’t run out.
  4. Non-electric direct plumbing: For non-electric bidet attachments, the only way to get warm water is by connecting directly to your bathroom’s hot water supply line, usually at the sink.

In my experience, instant and hybrid heating bidets provide the most satisfying warm water wash experience. However, non-electric warm water models can still be a great choice if you don’t have a conveniently located outlet or prefer a more straightforward, less expensive option.

Water Temperature Control

Another key feature to look for in a warm water bidet attachment is the ability to adjust the water temperature to your liking. Basic non-electric models may not provide any temperature control if hooked up directly to the hot water supply—you’ll get whatever temperature your water heater is set to.

More advanced non-electric bidets like the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 have a separate hot water connection with an adjustable temperature valve to dial in your ideal level of warmth. This is a significant upgrade, as too-hot water can be just as uncomfortable as an icy-cold spray.

Ease of Installation

Installing any bidet attachment involves shutting off the water supply to your toilet, disconnecting the supply hose, and installing a T-valve to split the water between the toilet tank and the bidet. Bidet attachments are then typically installed under your existing toilet seat.

Non-electric warm water attachments require tapping into your sink’s hot water supply line and running a hose from there to the bidet. If your sink is not adjacent to the toilet, this can be a challenge, as you may need to drill holes to route the hose where it won’t be a tripping hazard. Measure the distance carefully to ensure the bidet has a long enough hot water hose.

Electric warm water bidets are more accessible since you need an outlet nearby. However, if your bathroom doesn’t already have a conveniently located GFCI outlet, you’ll need to hire an electrician to add one.

Whichever type you choose, carefully read the manufacturer’s installation instructions and check that the bidet attachment is compatible with your toilet configuration. Elongated and one-piece French curve toilets can be especially tricky to fit. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer or retailer for guidance. I always recommend doing a test fit of the bidet before you start the plumbing work to avoid surprises.

Spray Pressure and Nozzle Position

Getting the spray aim and pressure right is critical for a practical and comfortable bidet experience. Look for models that allow you to adjust the nozzle position forward or backward to account for differences in body shape and seated position.

Some bidets have a second, dedicated nozzle for feminine washing, providing a more comprehensive, softer spray pattern. If this feature is essential, check if the front and rear nozzles are independently adjustable, as some models only have a single control.

Having a good range of water pressure adjustments is also crucial. You want enough pressure for effective cleansing but not so much that it’s painful or causes splashing. Aim for a bidet that outputs 0.5-2.0 liters per minute. Bidets with an instant ceramic water heating system tend to have lower flow rates than those with tank-type heaters.

Lastly, consider the spray pattern. Basic models usually have a single concentrated stream. At the same time, more advanced bidets may offer an oscillating or pulsating spray mode, which I’ve found provides better coverage and stimulates movement for a more thorough clean.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your bidet clean is critical for hygiene, so you’ll want to choose a model that makes maintenance as easy as possible. Look for bidet attachments that have a self-cleaning or sterilizing nozzle feature. This typically works by rinsing the nozzle with fresh water before and after each use to prevent buildup and bacterial growth.

Some bidet attachments also have a nozzle shutter that closes when not in use to protect the spray wand. Avoid models where the nozzle remains fully exposed, which can lead to unsanitary splashing.

To minimize cleaning, consider a bidet attachment that replaces your toilet seat rather than fitting under it. This eliminates the gap between the attachment and the seat where grime can accumulate.

Final Verdict

After carefully reviewing all the models, it’s clear that the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 takes the crown for the best warm-water bidet attachment, owing to its unmatched combination of advanced features, user-friendly design, and excellent value for money. Its dual-nozzle system, warm-water option, and ease of installation make it a leader in comfort and user experience.

The Tushy warm water bidet is also a strong contender. It’s noted for its ease of installation, precision, and comfort.

The DooLv bidet, with its simple installation process and adjustable water options, offers a customizable and comfortable hygiene experience within budget.

The Hibbent bidet stands out for its user-friendly installation and robust construction, offering great value. Its adjustable water pressure and temperature cater to diverse user needs, enhancing comfort and user experience.

To sum up, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bidet user, there’s an option for everyone who values the luxury of warm water.

Now that you’re equipped with this information, you’re ready to make an informed decision. Happy shopping!


What is a bidet attachment?

A bidet attachment is a device that attaches to your existing toilet to provide the cleaning functionality of a bidet. It sits between the toilet bowl and seat and uses a stream of water to clean your posterior after using the toilet. Bidet attachments are a cost-effective and convenient alternative to installing a separate bidet fixture.

Are bidet attachments hard to clean?

No, bidet attachments are not hard to clean. The nozzles are typically self-cleaning or protected when not in use. When you clean your toilet, routine cleaning of the bidet attachment can be done. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives. Wipe down the attachment weekly with a damp cloth or mild cleaner.

Do I still need to use toilet paper with a bidet attachment?

You may use a small amount of toilet paper to pat dry after using the bidet attachment. However, you will use significantly less toilet paper without the bidet. Some high-end electric bidet seats even have air dryers to eliminate the need for toilet paper.

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