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The 6 Best Toilet Fill & Flush Valve Reviews (2021)

Korky vs Fluidmaster vs ... Learn which universal toilet repair kit is right for you and shop for the best

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Toilets and bathrooms are the areas where we use to water the most, and we need water the most. Before replacing your flush valves in toilets, you need to do proper research. Because there are valve types that you can save and also contribute to the environment by balancing your water expenditure.

The use of toilets is a requirement in daily life. You may want to replace your toilet bowl in your bathroom for a long time. You may complain that the tank is leaking and rusting. In long-term use, siphons can wear and leak. But with a quality valve, you can eliminate the problem of leaking for a long time.

The new generation flush valves make your job so easy that you can find whatever features you are looking for.

We have listed the best flush and fill valves so that you can find out which universal toilet repair kit is right for you and purchase quickly.

#1 Best High Performance: Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Universal Toilet Fill Valve

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Toilet and bathroom designs are one of the areas of comfort and cleanliness. The most exquisite details can write stories that frustrate you as well as take you to happiness. Toilet fill valves are also one of the fine details. You may have waterline systems in different structures, depending on the country you live in. Fluidmaster 400 AH PerforMAX, the top of our list, is a universal toilet fill valve wherever you are in the world.

Whether you are a new generation or a standard model toilet, Fluidmaster features PerforMAX technology. For those who do not know the meaning of this, it means technology that ensures that there is enough water in the toilet bowl to get a proper wash. With this feature, it provides two times more powerful filling than other valves in its segment. Knowing that if you need the washing tank more than once, it will be a feature that will increase your comfort. It is best compatible with 1.28 HET, and 1.6 GPF toilets, including dual flush, and you can use it with 3.5 GPF before 1994. You can adjust the height of the valve body according to the particular model you use.

So how much do you waste water in more than one fast use in this robust filling?

The good news is that this valve has a cylinder that saves water. You can protect water, one of our most valuable resources for future generations. Of course, your wallet is also included in the savings!

Another critical feature for valves in contact with water is how long they will not leak because the slightest leakage will cause abrasions in your bathrooms and toilets. The Fluidmaster 400 AH comes with a 7-year durability warranty that will relieve your worries for repair. When you see the valve and use it with care, you can be convinced that it will last longer than this process.

Thanks to the three steps you will follow, you can efficiently complete the setup. These steps are initial adjustment height, installation, and adjustment according to your tank. Now ready for use! Fluidmaster 400AH is a valve that can save time, money, and water in your toilet.

If you need a repair kit, you can also buy Fluidmaster Complete Toilet Tank Repair Kit or Fluidmaster Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit.

#2 Best Rubber Washes: Korky 528 Toilet Fill Valve, Universal

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Users with the TOTO toilet, are you there? Our suggestion that will clean your tank and end up your search for a leak-proof kit that will fill up quickly while cleaning!

Korky 528, which is in the second place of our list, has a structure that complies with all underground storage tank valve regulation standards. This valve, which aims to control and reduce your water consumption, will tarnish slow-filling tanks. If you have a toilet located in your bathroom next to your shower cabin, your water pipes may be in everyday use. You can find specially produced shower valves for these areas: The 7 Best Shower Valve Reviews & Guide.

It may be the most annoying step in the equipment subject to installation. If you do not have the ability, you can wrap things up and cause your house to flood after long hours. But the Korky 528 is a memorizing type of valve. If your tank is not very old and you do not need to replace it, you can easily install the valve and use it—versatile and flexible valve with adjustable range from 7 inches and ve inches to 13 inches.

Korky already offers a 5-year warranty if you do not have an unusual hobby to change your toilet from head to toe each month. All parts are manufactured at the Wisconsin plant in the USA, renowned for producing durable products. The package, which we think you will like to pack with care, includes valves, wings, sensors, filling tubes, clips, nuts, cone washer, and user manual. So you do not pay extra for the accessories you need. Savings always raise the standard!

Another feature that draws our attention is that it does not use ballcocks, which causes your valve tank to have problems always. Thanks to the twisted lock system, you can easily set up and make adjustments.

If you need a repair kit valve, you can review and buy the Korky Universal Toilet Repair Kit.

#3 Best Quite: Kohler Genuine Part Gp1083167 Silent Fill Valve Kit

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Have you ever had the feeling of being caught in a big hurricane with the sound created after you flushed? Or do you think a skyscraper collapsed? There is no one that this noise in the siphon will not disturb, especially when everyone is asleep. Let us introduce you to the best quietest toilet fill valve that cares about your privacy: Kohler Genuine!

A silent valve can be the feature that most users are looking for. So in our in-depth research, all roads lead us to Kohler. Kohler’s engineers provided silent tank filling with a unique system developed to meet the demands of users. When you press the siphon, you do not hear any sound, and your tank is already full. Fast tank filling is also crucial for a clean toilet seat, right?

Separate inserts to balance the water and money-saving ratio are part of this best silent valve kit. Thanks to these tips, you can adjust the right amount of water according to your needs with infinite adjustment options. Remember, small savings are tiny but useful steps for your sign needs.

When we examine its structure, we see that it is made of plastic. Its weight is only 9.6 ounces. Thus, it prevents the water from rising to the surface by creating weight in the tank and pressing the siphon repeatedly due to insufficient water. Continuous use of water can cause the valves to fail and leak. However, Kohler’s original parts are under warranty. Thus, you can protect both your toilet seat and valve for many years.

Most users are worried about the installation. As a result, equipment may not be of common interest to all of us. But setting up Kohler is pretty simple. You do not need to remove the entire tank to install the valve. You have witnessed that especially male users make it a matter of pride to get professional help in repair and repair. Many can fail, but this valve kit can make them feel like superheroes.

You are now ready to own Kohler. However, if it is a more comprehensive and standard product you are looking for, continue reading our article!

#4 Best Quality Engineering: American Standard Champion Flush Valve

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Attracting our attention with its elegant design at first glance, the American Standards Champion siphon valve is in the fourth row of our list. Take a deep breath with the American Standards Champion Flush valve parts and tanks compatible! We go diving!

This shaking valve can be adjusted according to the tank and model size. It has a 7-inch tube and 3.4, inch chain length to meet OEM and American spare parts standards

Thanks to this new valve, Kohler has a redesigned structure that increases your toilet performance and valve durability. It is a universal spare part that fits any size; all you have to do is adjust the height.

It has a guide for users who want to do the installation completely. If your visual and cognitive intelligence is good in this regard, you can easily install it.

A few inches of water remain in the tank to increase washing power. Thus, you do not empty your tank. In other words, the best toilet fill valve for high pressure saves water by leaving some water in your tank and helps you use it when you need it.

With the EverClean Surface technology it uses, it reduces stains in the toilet and prevents harmful formations such as mold, bacteria, or fungus. It also looks like the shape of the container, the height of the seat, and the lever mechanism that makes it ADA compliant. According to our estimates, you will not be unhappy when you buy this valve.

If you think you still can’t find the valve you are looking for, the fifth row Kohler model might be for you. Read on without slowing down!

#5 Best Multi-Seal Flush Valve: Kohler Canister Flush Valve Kit

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Ranked at the fifth place on our list, Kohler Canister is the flush valve with the top three seals for those looking for savings and long-term use. This valve, which is one of the original parts that we believe will make you happy in terms of reliability and performance, helps you get a fast and clean result with a single flush.

This completely plastic flush valve kit features a three-inch box valve and a three-inch water outlet, compatible with all Cimarron toilets. If your old fill valve is starting to expire, it will be useful to replace it with this new fill valve. Because you can use it safely for at least ten years according to the details specified by its users, and after ten years, you are in search of spare parts.

There is a sense of convenience/difficulty that divides its users into two in terms of installation. While most users argue that the guide is not enough for the installation, other users say that the installation is quite easy, and it is the trick to follow the steps. When we examine the flush valve, we can say that the installation is easy. Of course, this is all about your skills.

The weight of the Kohler Canister Flush Valve is 4.83 pounds and 6x3x3 inches. With this structure feature that ensures the water balance in the tank, you can prevent water waste. It can hide the remaining water while draining as much water as you need. As you can imagine, this evokes savings.

If you still don’t think you have found the most suitable valve for your toilet, you can check out our latest suggestion, the eco-friendly TOTO, at the top of our list.

What We Like:

  • Install is so easy.
  • Saving your money and water.

What We Don’t Like:

  • 5-inch fitting bolts included might not be a fit for your toilet.

#6 Best Environment Friendly: TOTO Adjustable Replacement Fill Valve

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For those who want to replace worn, damaged, or old drain valves! TOTO is coming for conscious users who care about their environment and want to invest in the future!

TOTO, which is at the top of our list, is an environmentally friendly rinsing valve that reduces pollution and also features EcoPower with Hydrotect technology. With this fill valve, you can easily adjust to different sizes of toilet bowls and control the filling volume that helps reduce water flow and loss.

Savings are among the first criteria for valve options for us. Another feature that we think you will be interested in is self-producing Hydro-power technology. It means not using extra force. So you can save.

You can flush again in less than a minute after a single flush. Users who do not want factors such as rusting, leaking, microbes have an American standard 7/8 inch inlet pipe for the water connection and wholly made of plastic.

This valve, which is more compatible with TOTO toilet tanks, recommends working with toilet systems suitable for its structure so that you can benefit from it. Otherwise, you may not get the performance you expect.

Do not mislead the lightweight design to stand firmly against the water because it is a valve that does not take up space and can be fixed after the connection adjustment.

As a result, the one-year warranty option may be below your expectation, but it is a type of valve that will become available for long-term use when you maintain regular maintenance and checks.

Toilet Valve Buying Guide

The most appropriate installation and a professional toilet system for your needs should provide the optimum benefit for you. Choosing a toilet flush valve is not easy among all the options and thousands of different toilet structures. We have prepared a guide to eliminate all the factors that challenge you in your decision-making process.

Toilet Valve Types


1. Toilet Flush Valve Types

The flush valves are the parts inside the toilet tank that carry water to the tank. Different sizes of toilet flush valves are available, ranging from 2 to 4 inches, depending on the toilet design. The most important criterion here is to know the valve you have. Achieving the harmony of the parts you will mount on your own valve will offer you better washing options.
There are different types of toilet flush systems and mechanisms you can choose.

a. Types of toilet flush systems: The facilities provided by toilet washing systems are quite high. Although today’s water consumption causes controversy in terms of water consumption, built-in toilets, unlike waterproof or composting toilets, are toilets that send tank contents directly from the discharge pipe to the sewer or septic system. You can install the system with many options that will change according to your choice. – Tank Fill Valve Flush System, Flapper-Flush Valve Flush System, Washdown Toilet, Pressure-Assisted Flush System, Gravity Flush System, Double Cyclone Flush System, Dual Flush System, etc.

b. Toilet flush mechanism: Thirst, seen as the biggest problem in the future, caused the need for water-saving. Today, many toilet manufacturers offer products in mechanisms that will give maximum results in a single siphon and reduce water consumption. Some of these mechanisms are programmed to activate the water to clean the wastewater, some to use the waterless, and some to use no extra water. – Standard Toilet Tanks, Tankless Toilets, Dual Flush, etc.

2. Toilet Fill Valve Types

The fill valve is the part of the water filling the water tank, which opens the water flow while the washing cycle is draining the tank and shuts off the water supply after the tank is filled to the proper level. So you can achieve water-saving and fast flow power at the same time. Some of the fill valve types you can use in your home are  Float-less Type Fill Valve Plunger / Piston Type Fill Valve Diaphragm Type Fill Valve (brass body), Float Cup Type Fill Valve, Diaphragm Type Fill Valve (plastic body), etc.

How to Replace Toilet Flush Valve

The drain valve located in the middle of the toilet tank includes the overflow pipe, the tank’s water inlet hole when the toilet is washed, and the rubber tank ball or hook that covers the hole when the tank is full. It is impossible to keep the water in the tank if you have a broken flush valve. So your leak problem will occur. In such a problem, you need to change the wing. If you do not know what to change, you can change your flush valve with Roger Wakefield:

How To Replace Toilet Fill Valve

The fill valve is the valve that controls the flow of water into the tank of the toilet. These are the valves on the left side of your toilet tank that connect to the supply pipe, working for a shut-off valve with a tail extending from the bottom of your tank. This section is commonly referred to as ballcock. Toilet fill valves may wear out over time due to continuous use and begin to give you replacement signals. These signals may include reduced water in the tank, leakage and weakening of the flow power. If you don’t know how to replace your fill valve, Home Repair Tutor can help you:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Toilet Fill Valve?

The toilet fill valve is the part of the toilet that is responsible for filling the tank after washing. The filling valve controls the water flow rate, and after releasing whatever it needs, traps the remaining water to the tank.

What is a Toilet Flush Valve?

The drain valve is a valve located in the middle of the toilet tank and containing a rubber tank ball and hook that covers the hole where water enters the tank after washing the toilet.

How Does a Toilet Fill Valve Work?

Fill valves, also called ballcock, carry water to your tank after the toilet is flushed and remain open until the tank is full again. When the water comes out of the tank, the fill valve opens to maintain the water level. Thus, by preventing the waste of water, you get reliable water flow power in one siphon draft.



You may encounter negative consequences such as wet toilet floors, unpleasant bathroom odors, leaky washing nightmares, and too many bills than you expect due to wear on your toilet valves. There are fill and flush valves with different structures, quality, and features that you can solve all of these. In this article, six fill and flush valves that we researched for you consisted of the most preferred valves that provide convenience to the user and can be used for many years.

So, which one will you choose your valve for? You can share your valuable comments and experiences with us in the comments section, and you can direct other users who suffer from the same trouble as you.

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  1. I have to replace my valves and flappers about every 5 years. I’ve learned that you get what you pay for with these. I agree with the number 1 pick here because it’s simple and reliable.


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