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The 5 Best Portable Table Saws

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By David Mason

After extensive research, we’ve identified the top 5 portable table saws on the market.

The DEWALT 10-inch Table Saw wins for overall performance, while the SKIL 10-inch Table Saw excels in heavy-duty tasks. Looking to save? The SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw provides excellent value. For sturdiness and convenience, consider the BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw. Prioritizing safety? The SAWSTOP 10-inch Jobsite Saw Pro can’t be beat.

Each table saw offers unique strengths, depending on your specific needs. Venture further to uncover a detailed comparison and practical buying tips.

Our Top Picks

Three portable table saws of different designs and brands on a beige background

#1 Best Overall

DEWALT 10 Inch Table Saw

Best Overall
DEWALT 10 Inch Table Saw, With Rolling/Collapsible Stand

Best For: Professional carpenters and woodworking enthusiasts seeking a reliable, accurate, portable table saw for various projects.

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The DEWALT 10-inch Table Saw is the top choice for professional carpenters seeking a dependable and adaptable tool. Its sturdy build, compact design, and exceptional accuracy make it ideal.

I’ve been impressed by the saw’s solid construction, which makes it durable. Its stand provides stability during use, which I greatly value. Thanks to the rack-and-pinion fence system that guarantees consistent alignment, I’ve noticed the precision of the cuts I’ve made with this tool.

Its compact design has been a lifesaver in my limited workspace, and its portability is another excellent feature. Its powerful and capable performance has handled various projects without a hitch.

Lastly, dust collection efficiency is a game-changer in maintaining a cleaner workspace. Despite minor drawbacks, the DEWALT 10-inch Table Saw is a versatile and long-lasting tool for any professional carpenter.


  • Sturdy construction and durable materials promise longevity.
  • Exceptional accuracy with a rack and pinion fence system for consistent alignment.
  • Compact and portable design with a powerful performance, suitable for various projects.


  • The saw operates at a loud noise level, requiring ear protection during extended use.

#2 Best Heavy-Duty

SKIL 10-Inch Table Saw

Best Heavy-Duty
SKIL 10 Inch Table Saw with Stand

Best For: Professionals and woodworking enthusiasts require a robust, durable, precision-focused table saw for heavy-duty tasks.

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When it comes to tackling heavy-duty tasks with efficiency and precision, the SKIL 10-inch Table Saw is a top pick. It impresses with its power and robust design. It cuts through even the most complex materials, like a knife through butter, with the precision of the fence and rack-and-pinion mechanism aiding in intricate cuts.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. The miter gauge’s quality leaves much to be desired, and the assembly instructions can be a real headache. But the customer support team is a lifesaver, helping me navigate the assembly process.

Despite some flaws, the SKIL 10-inch table Saw stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when power, precision, and thoughtful design come together. It’s a worthy investment, and it will provide reliable service for years to come.


  • Exceptional power and precision, capable of cutting through hard materials with ease.
  • Robust design with an all-metal construction, promising longevity.
  • A helpful customer support team assisted with assembly and other issues.


  • The quality of the miter gauge is disappointing, as it is made of cheap plastic.

#3 Budget Pick

SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Budget Pick
SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw with Folding Stand

Best For: Woodworkers and contractors seeking a high-performing, portable, and budget-friendly table saw that offers ease of use, safety, and excellent customer service.

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Are you looking for a table saw that’s both portable and powerful without breaking the bank?

The SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw is an excellent choice, especially if you value ease of use, safety, and outstanding customer service. With its solid performance, effortless setup, and impressive dust collection, I found it an exceptional value for money. The saw’s safety features are easy to configure and use, adding to my confidence while tackling various projects.

The noise can be mitigated with proper ear protection despite being slightly loud. The plastic components initially raised concerns, but they’ve held up well and haven’t compromised the overall quality. With customer service that’s quick to assist, I believe this product is a great budget pick.


  • Value for money with solid performance and impressive features like rack and pinion fence adjustment and dust collection.
  • Easy-to-use and configure safety features, providing confidence to tackle various projects.
  • Excellent customer service that quickly resolves issues and ensures customer satisfaction.


  • The notably loud operation requires proper ear protection.

#4 Also Great

BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw

Also Great
BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand

Best For: Professionals and hobbyists looking for a robust, portable, user-friendly table saw with exceptional precision and thoughtful design.

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If you’re looking for a mix of power and portability in a table, saw the BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw is a great choice, especially for those who value precision and user-friendly features. Its 4.0 hp motor delivers impressive power and operates smoothly and quietly. I appreciate the Teflon-like coating on the table surface, making handling sticky lumber a breeze.

The Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand enhances its portability, and the built-in storage for tools and accessories is a thoughtful addition. However, using plastic and aluminum parts may raise concerns about durability. Additionally, the instructions for assembly could be more precise, and the dust collection system could be improved.

Despite these minor drawbacks, this saw offers significant value. It’s not just a tool; it’s a reliable workstation.


  • High-powered 4.0 hp motor for impressive cutting performance.
  • Features like Teflon-like table surface coating, Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand, and built-in tool storage enhance user experience.
  • Portability and precision make it a reliable workstation for various projects.


  • The use of plastic and aluminum parts may raise durability concerns.

#5 Best Jobsite

SAWSTOP 10-Inch Jobsite Saw Pro

Best Jobsite
SAWSTOP 10-Inch Jobsite Saw Pro

Best For: Professionals prioritizing safety and ease of use on the job site, particularly those who frequently handle more significant, complex woodworking projects.

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For professionals prioritizing safety and ease of use on the job site, the SAWSTOP 10-inch Jobsite Saw Pro is the best choice among portable table saws. I found its assembly and setup a breeze, with everything thoughtfully designed for maneuverability and stability. It’s compatible with various accessories, and the integrated storage box is a real bonus, keeping necessary tools close at hand.

The safety features are unparalleled, functioning flawlessly and providing a sense of security with each cut. Even the customer service is excellent and ready to help with any issues.

However, I did notice the miter gauge lacked precision, and the fence system occasionally shifted upon locking. Also, the saw struggled a bit with denser materials. Despite these drawbacks, it’s a reliable and safe choice for any job site.


  • Safety features are top-notch and function flawlessly, offering high security during use.
  • Easy assembly and setup, with a thoughtfully designed structure for maneuverability and stability.
  • Excellent customer service, ready to assist and resolve any issues promptly.


  • The miter gauge lacks precision, affecting the saw’s overall accuracy.

Portable Table Saw Buying Guide: Key Features to Look For

When shopping for a portable table saw, there are several essential features to consider to ensure you get a saw that meets your power, accuracy, and safety needs. Here are some key features to look for:

Motor Power and Blade Size

Most portable table saws have 15-amp motors, providing sufficient power for cutting through hardwoods. Look for saws with 10-inch blades, which offer greater cutting depth capacity (typically around 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees) compared to smaller 8-inch blades.

Rip Capacity

Rip capacity is the maximum distance between the blade and the rip fence for making rip cuts. To handle larger sheet goods like plywood, look for saws with at least 25-30 inches of rip capacity.

Fence System

A high-quality rip fence that locks down securely parallel to the blade is crucial for accurate rip cuts. The best fences use a rack-and-pinion system for smooth adjustments and have a micro-adjust feature for precision.

Miter Gauge and Slots

Check that the miter gauge slides smoothly in the miter slots and has positive stops for joint angles. Miter slots should be standard 3/8″ x 3/4″ to accept jigs and accessories.

Dust Collection

An efficient dust port and collection system help maintain visibility and a clean work environment. Most portable saws have a 2-1/2-inch port for connecting to a vacuum.

Safety Features

Essential safety features include a riving knife to reduce kickback, anti-kickback pawls, and a blade guard. Some saws also have quick blade brakes. SawStop’s flesh detection system can help prevent serious injuries.


Look at the weight, stand design, and whether the saw has carrying handles to gauge its portability. Wheeled stands make it easier for saws to move around.


Check what accessories, such as push sticks, miter gauges, rip fences, and blades, are included versus extra-cost add-ons.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly evaluating numerous portable table saws, I’ve concluded which models excel in performance, safety, and overall value for money. While there are many factors to ponder, the final verdict comes down to a balance of rip capacity, portability, safety features, and blade size.

Regarding rip capacity, models with more than 24 inches have proven more versatile, allowing for a broader range of projects. I found the larger capacity particularly advantageous when working with full-sized sheet materials. However, it’s not just about the size of the cuts these saws can make but also about the precision and ease of making them.

To wrap up, every artisan needs a reliable, robust, portable table saw. Safety and performance are crucial whether you opt for the heavy-duty SKIL 10-inch, the budget-friendly SKIL 15 Amp saw, or the top-rated DEWALT.

The BOSCH and SAWSTOP models also serve as excellent alternatives. Ultimately, the right tool will guarantee your safety and enhance your work. Choose wisely, work intelligently, and let your creativity soar.

Happy woodworking!


What type of blade should I use for different materials?

Use a standard combination blade for general-purpose cuts in wood and wood composites for woodworking. Use specialized blades like Dado sets for cutting grooves or thin kerf blades for ripping thin materials. Evolution table saws use multipurpose blades that can also cut non-ferrous metals.

How do I maintain and clean my table saw blades?

Clean pitch buildup from blades regularly using blade cleaning solutions or solvents like mineral spirits. Soak very dirty blades overnight in a vented container of kerosene or solvent. Use a stiff nylon brush to scrub off the gunk. Sharpen or replace dull blades.

What safety features should I look for?

Essential table saw safety features include:
Blade Guard – Covers the exposed blade when not cutting.
Riving Knife – Prevents kickback by keeping the kerf open behind the blade.
Anti-Kickback Pawls – Grip the workpiece if it tries to kick back towards the operator.
Push Sticks/Blocks – This allows you to keep your hands away from the blade when ripping narrow pieces.
Some saws also offer flesh-detection technology that rapidly stops/drops the blade if the skin gets too close.

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