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The 10 Best Shower Valve Reviews & Guide (2021)

Improve flow and water pressure in your bathroom with these shower valves

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Are you one of those who turn into a DJ while setting hot water before showering? You cannot adjust the temperature you want, and your shower pleasure turns into a nightmare? Well, if you knew your shower valve and mastered its features, would you still have a hard time? Then we invite you to the mysterious world of shower systems to the valves.

Shower valves are processors that enable us to control the water pressure, temperature, and volume. There are four types of valves that you can also provide thermostatic control. These include a one-way twin shower valve, two-way twin shower valve, two-way triple shower valve, and three-way triple shower valve. You may find it challenging to choose which header is suitable for your bathroom and use. Who knows most of us may not even know about this little processor.

Let’s take a look at the ten best shower valves we have chosen for your health in the shower, easy adjustment, and long life!

#1 Best Thermostatic: Delta Faucet R10000 Shower Valve

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One of the main dangers that may arise while taking a bath or shower is that when the cold or hot water flow in the installation suddenly decreases, a sudden increase or decrease in the internal water temperature. The risks that you may be exposed to depending on the bathing water temperature can be classified as scalding and thermal shock. Even though the increases in the internal water temperature are as low as possible, their effects are quite high in terms of scalding risk and burn degree. Therefore, having your shower valve thermostatic will protect you against dangers.

 Here is Delta Faucet, which is at the top of our list! It is also imperative that the valve, one of the secrets of your shower system, is thermostatic. Because while you take a shower, even if someone washes the dishes or water the garden, it is not affected by sudden changes in water temperature. When sudden pressure losses occur in cold water or hot water inlets, you do not experience scalding or thermal shock effects due to the battery’s automatic shut-off feature.

In addition to being thermostatic in the details of this product, there are many features. With thirty different styles and shower trim options, you can easily use PEX, IPS, and Universal connection types. A sign that it is versatile. Also, with its unique design, you can increase your shower quality without any operation in the water installation you use. You should buy trim to avoid any problems with installation, sponges, and screws. On the other hand, unlike other valves, thanks to its brass structure, it can be a more robust option with high heat resistance.

So if you do not know, how will you do the setup?

Only personal skills come into play here. Because this product comes with a guide with installation instructions, you can easily install it with its simple narration and visuals. But what you need for this is the soldering gun. If you have a soldering gun in your home, forget the plumber. But if you don’t have it, you will need a plumber for soldering places. For using Delta Faucet, it is enough to have a single-function, double-function, or double-function thermostatic trim because it has a structure compatible with all of them.

Pay attention to these points during the installation phase!

  • You should be careful while using the Pex plastic pipe for piping to the faucet or showerhead! Because you can direct the water to the wrong place.
  • It would be best if you calculated the distance between the valve body and the outlet well. You can block the water flow rate.
  • When using the product, you should follow the user manual. It will be helpful to match the parts correctly and install them correctly.

Once you meet all the conditions, you can start for your shower pleasure! Do you realize how important the small details are for you to pamper yourself? If this recommendation does not meet the criteria for your shower valve selection, you can take a look at Kohler, our second recommendation, which cares about your body sensitivity with its low-pressure option.

#2 Best for Low Pressure: Kohler K- GP77759 Shower Valve

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The pressure compensating valve is a valve that minimizes the effect of pressure changes from the fluid source and reduces material flow changes caused by piston pump change or unbalanced pump drops. For example, if the cold water flow is interrupted during the shower, the pressure compensation mechanism closes the flow to the showerhead to prevent the battery from scalding with hot water.

Our second place recommendation, Kohler K-GP77759, may be a suitable option for those who want low pressure in their bathroom. Pressure balancing valves provide better results, especially for those who use the kitchen, sink, and bathroom water pipeline jointly. Thanks to a valve and temperature limit stop feature that is compatible with most of the Rite-Temp shower valves, it also helps you achieve temperature control while achieving maximum temperature. You can achieve versatility with several brands and, in our opinion, is one of them in Kohler. It would help if you bought Kohler sponges and trims that are suitable for their structure. With this valve, you can effortlessly rotate the shower arm. Its unique structure designed to increase its durability shows that you can use it for a long time. If you are going to use your choice of stylish showerheads in your bathroom, this valve can help you with its structure suitable for every ornament.

Attention here!

  • In order not to reduce the quality of the shower valve, you must also make sure that the trims you purchase are original!
  • Follow all steps carefully and carefully using the guide during the installation phase! You should pay particular attention to the symbols mentioned. The slightest mistake you make during the installation phase can cause serious problems. If you think you are not getting enough information, installation videos can help you.
  • If the pressure reducing valve is to be installed, the first thing to do is to clean the installation from coarse dirt, i.e., sand and gravel. What we recommend before installing the valve is to install a filter. Using a threaded connection will provide you with comfort when assembling.

#3 Best Digital: Moen S3102 Shower Digital Thermostatic Valve

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The Moen S-Series Thermostatic Valve is designed for two or four outlet systems to meet your needs. It also has a flow regulator that automatically adjusts water temperature and pressure so that you can enjoy the perfect shower experience every time.

This valve comes with an app that lets you control your shower from anywhere. You can set it up to start at different temperatures depending on what kind of day (or night) you’re having–whether just getting out of bed, doing some yard work, or winding down after a long day at school/work. All this information syncs through the Smart Home Connected App and will tell when your shower is ready according to your personalized preferences.

The U by Moen digital shower valve is an excellent addition to any home. It can be paired with many different types of fixtures, and it’s compatible with most water sources, including city water supply, well water supply, or private springs. With the high-quality design features and compatibility options for just about every need in your household, you will have no problem finding this product to work for your bathroom remodel project.

However, if you are not handy with tools, you may have difficulty installing the U by Moen digital shower valve. The instructions can be a bit vague and difficult to understand at times.

#4 Best Valve Kit: Kohler K-8304 Rite-Temp Pressure-Balancing Valve Body and Cartridge Kit

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Kohler K-8304 is a pressure-balanced valve with the new universal rite-temp cartridge kit. This allows you to set an optimal comfort zone for any plumbing fixture, and it also helps save on energy costs by automatically adjusting for varying water flow rates.

The KOHLER Valve Body Kit comes in two separate pieces: The body of the valve and the cartridge inside that regulates your water temperature. It’s important not to mix these up when installing them to ensure that you have both parts before installing or wrestling with leaks later down the road! Installation time will vary depending on what type of shower system you already have in place but usually takes about 30 minutes.

The design of this valve is so advanced that you will never have to worry about a freeze-up. In addition, this pressure-balancing technology guarantees accurate temperature regulation and anti-scald protection, meaning enhanced comfort in your showering experience with these valve kits.

Although this is a popular and well-designed valve, the leaking issue can be problematic for some.

#5 Best Rough-In: Pfister Single Control Pressure Balance Tub and Shower Valve

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The problem is that most shower valves are made from cheap plastic parts, which break down and wear out over time. These valves also leak around the stem.

This Pfister valve has a solid brass construction with ceramic disc technology, so it will not wear out or break down as other shower valves do. Plus, this product comes with integral stops to prevent water flow when not in use. That means no more leaks!

If you want to install a high-quality valve that lasts for years and prevents leakage, this Pfister pressure balance shower valve is your answer. Also, it has adjustable temperature control so your water will never get cold while in your shower stall again. It’s easy to install too! Just take a look at these step-by-step instructions on the product page.

Valve’s anti-scald feature will keep your water at the perfect temperature, and you won’t need to worry about it getting too hot. But if you like your showers hot as can be, this is not the product for you!

If you need a mixer valve, Danze, in our article, maybe the product you are looking for.

#6 Best Mixing Valve: Danze Shower Valve

Mixing Valve, which is used to mix the high-temperature water coming from the pipe with the cold water coming from the mains water and obtain water at the desired temperature. The thermal element in the valve body allows you to move the hot and cold water proportionally and create the water at the desired temperature.

Danze ranked third in our list, which is the best mixing valve you can choose. Danze ceramic pressure shower valves have the highest flow rates in the industry. This recommendation is ideal for traditional single shower or bathtub and shower combinations. Danze ceramic valves include standard quality features such as heavy pattern brass construction, lead-free waterways meeting ANSI / NSF 61 requirements, and a wide variety of durable and decorative coatings. The valve is maintenance-free. It is also able to withstand various water conditions and years of rubbing, soaping, washing, and rinsing.

Since the ceramic is corrosion-resistant, the pressure shower valve could potentially be the best solution for hard water. The valve can provide ease of use with its 1/2 combination IPS / Copper sweat ports and positive diverter control. How does the shower valve work? For back-to-back installation, the valve has reverse flow adjustments from the front and provides up to six gallons per minute of water flow rate at 45Psi to support two outlets.

What do you need for preliminary preparation?

  • Adjustable wrench,
  • Groove joint plier,
  • Phillips screwdriver,
  • Pipe tape and,
  • Hacksaw.

When you are sure that you have all the accessories, we suggest that you get help from the user manual. If you do not trust your mounted skills, you may need to get support from a plumber. It is also useful to calculate the pressure speed and flow direction well when connecting the valve and the pipeline from the mains water. If you install incorrectly, it may affect the water flow rate, and you may not get the right efficiency.

If it is a deflector you need for your bathroom, our seventh suggestion will be of interest to Pfister.

What We Like:

  • Hardened ceramic discs.
  • A plaster guard and a mounting basket.
  • Smooth turning action and eliminate drips.

What We Don’t Like:

  • A plumber may be required for installation.

#7 Best Diverter Valve: Pfister 00131XA Shower Valve

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A shower diverter, also known as a diverter valve, is known for its ability to direct the water flow from the tub faucet to the showerhead. Thus, a diverter valve helps you get a shower and bathtub faucet in the same area.

Let’s say your shower cabin has both a bathtub and a standing shower. What you need here is the shower faucet, which will fill the bathtub quickly as well as short-term relief. You should use this faucet with a diverter so that you can change the water flow direction with a single movement.

With the Pfister 00131xa model in the fourth row of our list, water is dispensed from the tub when the diverter valve is rotated 180 degrees clockwise while sending hot and cold water to the showerhead. The valve is made of high-quality metal to ensure maximum durability. While you can install it in the bathroom, laundry room, and garden, the design material is durable and heat resistant, you can keep your shower pleasure for many years. With 1/2 inch fitting inlets and 1/2 IP outlets, you can have individual controls or adjustments for cold and hot water. It gives you more power, making your shower enjoyable. Pfister valves are well designed and come with an extra set of valves and include a design for the body of the valve to suit different trim sets. Of course, you have to buy all of these separately.

The installation is so simple that you can handle it in a short time. Moreover, you do not need to replace the existing plumbing behind your bathroom wall to install the new shower valve. It saves time that we will spend on providing the cleaning necessary for our body health but also provides financial convenience.

With its brass body, the roller balancing unit can offer more flexible mounting depth for shallow wall mounts. Besides, the set includes a plaster protection cap, diaphragm pressure compensating valve, shower plug. So you don’t shop extra.waiting for you in the rest of the article!

We wanted to tell you what you can do with a deflector! So how does a shower mixing valve work, want to know? Continue reading our article. Our suggestion SR Sunrise will be there!

What We Like:

  • Three-hole installation.
  • Thermostatic, diverter, and volume control valve.
  • Easily changing mood.
  • Covered with Pfister’s Pforever warranty.
  • Easy setup.
  • High-quality metal control ensures optimal sturdiness and longevity.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Battery not included.
  • Has no ears to attach to the mounting plate.

#8 Best Mixer Valve: SR Sunrise Shower Combo Set

Shower mixing valves help mix a source of hot and cold water into a valve to reach the temperature you choose before reaching the showerhead. You cannot increase the low pressure of the water flow with these valves designed for use with low or high-pressure water sources. You can only use the resources used in your mixing target.

SR Sun Rise is on the fifth place in our list with this model. Thanks to its wall-mounted design, we think it is a product that you can catch an elegance in your bathroom. Let’s take a look at their technical features!

This valve measures 12.6 x 11.99 x 7.49 cm and consists of a brass body and plastic box, and contains 4 NPT Thread Adapters that solve the leaking problem. You can be protected from both water waste and water stain that will cause rust over the years. We do not think that you will want your bathroom walls to swell using an already leaking valve. On the other hand, you are experiencing the ease of use for many years with ceramic valve wear resistance. SR Sunrise, which is a suitable option for users who want elegance in their bathroom, can attach the rain shower head and hand shower head to the desired location only depending on the location of the hidden water pipe.

You realize that it is designed for an optimum water flow efficiency of 2.5 GPM, especially if you want to save water for an environmentally friendly life. This rate allows you to save approximately 30% water. We think you can feel yourself swimming in a seaside town with a rain cap. You can discover a different way of pampering yourself with this combination mixer valve!

If you can find the features you’re looking for in this valve, you’re ready to get it. However, if you are looking for digital temperature control, our ninth recommendation is for you!

What We Like:

  • Wide coverage.
  • Silicone nozzles are easy to clean.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • A stylish, eye-catching look
  • Relaxing and refreshing rain like showers.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Overtime can rust.ings.
  • Water pressure could be better.
  • In some cases, it needs a shower arm to promote better positioning.

#9 Best Design: Moen Temperature Controlled Shower

Developing technology also affects your bathrooms. We have an excellent recommendation for those who prefer digital valves instead of standard valves!

Moen TS3415 IO can be a choice for those who want to organize shower pleasure thanks to the metal construction with various surfaces defined by Suffix. There is an on / off button on it. The digital control dial has four digital pre-sets that you can control both temperature and water flow rate with led indicators. Temperature range setting 60 degrees F to 120 degrees F (16 degrees C to 49 degrees C). The factory’s maximum setting is 115 degrees. On the other hand, the remote control (optional) uses RF technology and has a range of 30 inches (9.2 m), and the showerhead is limited to 2.5 GPM (9.5 L / min)..

Leaving aside the technical information, it seems that we have put the savings to the forefront in the last few days when water use has increased. However, you can achieve the same performance by saving more with digital valves. Moen is designed for us exactly. While considering the comfort of its users, it also emphasizes its environmentalist identity.

We can say that the price-performance range is also in a good position according to the benefits it provides. Because the amounts you will spend on your valve preferences, which are your long-life goal, should not upset you. We think it will enable you to earn income in the long run.Moen, a valve made of chrome that complements the stylish look of your bathroom with its appearance, can be an excellent solution to your digital quest. If the valve you are looking for is a thermostatic mixer, we have reviewed Pssopp for you later in our article!

Moen, a valve made of chrome that complements the stylish look of your bathroom with its appearance, can be an excellent solution to your digital quest. If the valve you are looking for is a thermostatic mixer, we have reviewed Pssopp for you later in our article!

What We Like:

  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Immersion technology – spray power for a complete rinse
  • Concentrated and rain rinse modes.
  • Remote control.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The water pressure was low
  • Not started to rust.

#10 Best Thermostatic Mixing:  PSSOPP Shower Valve

No products found.

Unlike standard models, the Thermostatic mixing type can control the temperature of the water. It can be achieved in pre-set terms, which is an advantage of this valve type. You can set the required temperature and save it for the next use. Just give the valve a few seconds to reach the temperature you set previously. You can do this with manual or automatic buttons.

Pssopp, the last recommendation of our list, offers preliminary preparation for the desired water temperature in the bathroom with its thermostatic mixer valve. You can directly flow to the water level you set by waiting for a short time. The thermostat on the valve can be adjusted to 38 degrees Celsius with a safety switch that can be increased to its maximum value of 42 increased. However, we recommend you to be careful not to be scalded at the first use. Although thermostatic mixing valves have anti-scalding structures, it will be useful to be careful until they find the right temperature and become practical.

In Pssopp installation, you should seek help from a specialist. Plumbers will place the valve according to the marks on it; that is, the hot water inlet sign H, the cold water inlet sign C, will be brought to the appropriate places. External check valves at the inlets prevent the cross-flow of hot and cold water when the inlet pressure is not the same. Therefore, attention should also be paid to the inlet pressure. If the ratio between the two inlets is too large, you should select a flow-limiting valve and fix it to the side of the high pressure.

With its 2.76 x 1.89 x 5.12 inch size and brass body, you can use it in schools, open spaces, hospitals, and bathrooms. Assuring its quality with a 3-year warranty, Pssopp will be your assistant in the shower.

What We Like:

  • Tamper- Proof cap.
  • Setting to save the previous temperature.
  • Stable mixed water temperature.
  • Fail-safe on hot or cold supply failure.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Plumber need for installation.

What are The Different Types of Shower Valves?

Valves are fittings designed to control the water flow and temperature in the shower. Current shower valves, when installed correctly, can reduce the temperature fluctuations and surprise changes in water pressure, making the shower more enjoyable. This guide examines different types of shower valves and how they work to make it easier for you to improve or replace usage quality.

 The valves were examined for you in 7 titles as Thermostatic shower valve, Mixing Valves, Pressure Balancing Valves, Diverter Valves, Digital Temperature Valves, Thermostatic Mixing Valve, and Shower Mixer Valve. We wanted to help you choose the product that best suits your needs with this guide.

The quality of your shower valve in your shower can affect many issues. For example, you can adjust the temperature according to the type of valve you use, save the settings you make, or mix mains water and hot water with more standard valves. You can make your bathroom eye-catching with a stylish design according to the quality you choose.

The important criterion here is to choose a valve that can be applied to the system you have previously, or to change the entire system and establish a system that suits your request. You may need to be a good reader on installation and have the necessary trims. Sometimes, you may have to buy extra trim and call a plumber, depending on your valve type.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shower Valve?

Shower valves are auxiliary devices for stopping or releasing the flow of a fluid in the pipe. Generally, in systems where fluid pressure is essential, if the pressure increases, it is the safety devices that discharge fluid from the system and decrease the pressure or stop fluid communication in an emergency.

What is The Best Type of Shower Valve?

Delta Faucet may be the best choice in the field of thermostatic shower valves, although the answer varies according to your needs. On the other hand, Moen will be a useful choice in the best digital temperature-controlled shower valve.

Are Shower Valves Universal?

In our opinion, shower valves are on the way to become universal. However, if we look at its compatibility today, shower valves may not be universal due to differences in piping systems and the showerhead apparatus of some regions.


The shower valve is a product that you may have difficulty in choosing with its extensive product range and various qualities. While we were setting up the water, we searched for products that you wouldn’t need to perform DJ performance, and apparently, we were able to get your attention with our recommendation for all types of products. We have created ten different options among the options, such as a better budget, more features, and more ease of installation.

We hope that one of our suggestions takes place in your bathroom and can make your shower pleasure fun.

So which valve would you prefer in your bathroom? You can share your comments with us!

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