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The 5 Best Stain Removers for Clothes [2024 Guide]

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By Laurie Carrella

Struggling with stubborn stains on your favorite clothes? You’re not alone.

In this guide, we’re diving into the best stain removers that promise to tackle everything from wine spills to ink marks.

We’ve reviewed various solutions to bring you the top picks that work.

Whether dealing with delicate fabrics or tough, set-in stains, our guide covers you.

Ready to see which products are cut? Let’s dive in and find the perfect stain remover to keep your wardrobe spotless!

Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover
  2. Runner-Up: OxiClean White Revive Stain Remover
  3. Budget Pick: OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray
  4. Also Great: Method Plant-Based Stain Remover
  5. Also Great: Tide To Go Pen Liquid Stain Remover

#1 Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover

Best Overall
Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Remover

Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Remover is a natural, no-scrub miracle for parents and spill-prone individuals, with the caveat of not leaving it on fabric for too long before washing.

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Why It’s Worth Your Attention: Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover’s ability to effortlessly remove a wide array of stains without damaging fabrics makes it an indispensable tool for parents and pet owners.

Things to Consider: While highly effective on most fabrics, caution is advised when using colored materials to avoid potential damage.

In the realm of stain removers, Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover stands out as a miraculous solution for those daunting, stubborn stains that seem impossible to tackle. My skepticism was quickly dissolved after witnessing its efficacy on various stains, from the blue popsicle disaster on a white dress to the formidable challenge of removing Sharpie marker stains. This product promises and delivers remarkable results, making it an essential staple in any household, especially those with young children or pets.

What sets this stain remover apart is its versatility and ease of use. It has tackled everything thrown its way: food stains, makeup, and even the dreaded permanent marker, all without damaging the fabric or leaving behind any unpleasant odors. Its ability to work magic on fresh and set-in stains is impressive. However, it’s worth noting that while it works wonders on a wide range of materials, caution is advised on colored fabrics, as my experience with a ruined sweatshirt suggests. This minor setback, however, does not detract from the product’s overall effectiveness.

Miss Mouth excels in removing stains and embodies a safe and user-friendly approach. It’s free from harsh chemicals, making it a safe choice for the whole family. The convenience of having a product that effectively deals with everything from spaghetti sauce to blood stains cannot be overstated. This versatility, coupled with its safety profile, makes Miss Mouth’s a non-negotiable item in my cleaning arsenal, eagerly recommended to anyone facing the challenges of keeping clothes and fabrics stain-free.


  • Exceptionally effective on various stains
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • It does not leave any residue or smell.
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • It may not be suitable for all colored fabrics.

Key Features:

  • Versatile stain remover for food, ink, and makeup stains
  • Safe, chemical-free formula ideal for family use
  • Effective on both fresh and set-in stains
  • No harsh odors or residue left behind
  • Essential for households with young children or pets

#2 OxiClean White Revive Stain Remover

OxiClean White Revive Stain Remover

OxiClean White Revive revolutionizes laundry care, providing a safe and effective substitute to bleach for whitening and stain removal despite some concerns with packaging and delivery.

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Why It’s Worth Your Attention: OxiClean White Revive offers a bleach-free solution for whitening laundry, effectively removing stains and dirt while preserving fabric integrity.

Things to Consider: Be mindful of packaging and shipping issues when ordering online.

After years of relying on traditional bleach for whiter whites, discovering OxiClean White Revive has been a revelation. Its ability to transform dingy whites back to their original brightness without the harsh effects of bleach is impressive. From personal experience, soaking items like pillow covers overnight in OxiClean White Revive removed ingrained dirt and preserved the integrity of colored portions, such as black stripes, without any color bleeding. This was a significant improvement over bleach, which often damaged non-white parts of fabrics.

The effectiveness of OxiClean White Revive extends beyond just pillowcases; it has revitalized a wide range of white fabrics, including sheets, shirts, and even a grey sweater, turning the soaking water into a testament to its cleaning power. The stark contrast before and after use is not just visible but astonishing, with items looking as if they’ve been professionally cleaned. The product’s gentle yet powerful action makes it suitable for everything from everyday clothing to sports uniforms, tackling deep-set stains and dirt with minimal effort required from the user.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. The packaging and shipping process, has been a consistent point of disappointment. Customers have faced issues with improper packaging, leading to spills and wasted products. This logistical oversight detracts from the overall satisfaction with OxiClean White Revive, suggesting a need for improvement in how the product is delivered. Despite this, the whitening results speak for themselves, making it an indispensable part of the laundry routine for those seeking to keep their whites in pristine condition.


  • Significantly whitens fabrics without bleach.
  • Preserves the color of non-white elements.
  • Requires minimal effort for noticeable results.
  • Versatile enough for a wide range of fabric types.


  • Packaging and shipping issues can lead to product waste.

Key Features:

  • The bleach-free formula that’s safe for colored fabrics.
  • Effective on a wide range of stains and dirt.
  • Suitable for both soaking and regular washing.
  • Preserve fabric integrity and prevent color bleeding.
  • Easy to use with remarkable results.

#3 OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray

Best Budget
OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray

OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray stands out as the ultimate solution for effortlessly maintaining stain-free, fresh-smelling laundry, proving its worth as a laundry room essential.

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Why It’s Worth Your Attention: OxiClean Max Force impresses with its unparalleled stain-removing capabilities and fabric-safe formula, making it a game-changer in laundry care.

Things to Consider: It slightly lightens but doesn’t fully remove tougher stains, such as set-in baby poop.

OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray has become an indispensable ally in my laundry routine, impressively tackling every stain challenge. Its prowess against various stains, from the dreaded red wine spill to the common grass marks on children’s clothing, is remarkable. A simple spray, rub, and wash process returns stained garments to their pristine state, demonstrating the product’s exceptional effectiveness.

What sets OxiClean Max Force apart is its unique five-in-one formula, designed to combat grease, oil, grass, red wine, and blood stains, among others. This versatility ensures it’s the only stain remover you’ll need, regardless of the mishap. The user-friendly spray bottle design, with its fine mist trigger and ergonomic grip, enhances the application process, ensuring even coverage and ease of use across various fabric types.

Moreover, the color-safe formula and absence of lingering chemical odors underscore the product’s thoughtful design. Clothes emerge from the wash not only stain-free but also smelling fresh, without damaging the fabric integrity. Given the longevity of a 12-ounce bottle, its cost-effectiveness solidifies OxiClean Max Force as a value-packed, must-have product for every household.


  • Exceptional effectiveness on a wide range of stains
  • Versatile five-in-one formula
  • User-friendly spray bottle design
  • Color-safe and no lingering odors


  • It may not fully remove some tougher, set-in stains.

Key Features:

  • Powerful five-in-one formula tackles grease, oil, grass, and more
  • User-friendly spray bottle for even application
  • Safe for use on all fabric colors and types
  • Leaves no chemical smell post-wash
  • Economical with a long-lasting 12-ounce bottle

#4 Method Plant-Based Stain Remover

Also Great
Method Plant-Based Stain Remover

Method's Plant-Based Stain Remover impresses with its eco-friendly credentials, efficiency in cold water, and suitability for sensitive skin, making it a top choice for environmentally conscious households.

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Why It’s Worth Your Attention: Method Plant-Based Stain Remover offers an eco-friendly cleaning solution that works effectively while leaving a unique and pleasant scent on your clothes.

Things to Consider: The scent may not be to everyone’s liking, with some finding it too masculine or preferring it to last longer on clothes.

The Method Plant-Based Stain Remover stands out in the laundry aisle as a testament to what modern, environmentally conscious cleaning products can achieve. From my extensive use, this stain remover has consistently delivered on its promises, offering a powerful cleaning performance while being gentle on the environment and skin. Its plant-based formula removes tough stains and leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean without the overpowering scents often associated with traditional laundry detergents. The beach sage scent, while a point of contention for some, provides a unique alternative to the usual floral or fruity options, marking a distinct identity in the Method lineup.

Notably, the Method Stain Remover excels in its eco-friendly approach, boasting a biodegradable formula that spares the earth while tackling dirt and grime. The minimalist packaging design and concentrated formula also speak to the brand’s commitment to reducing waste, requiring only a small amount to achieve optimal results. This aspect and its hypoallergenic properties make it a standout choice for households looking for greener cleaning solutions. However, the scent, described by some users as too “masculine” or not lasting long on clothes, may not appeal to everyone despite its effectiveness in cleaning.

Beyond its environmental benefits, the Method Stain Remover’s ease of use is another highlight. Its liquid formula dispenses neatly, avoiding the mess associated with more traditional detergents, and works wonders even in cold water, a boon for energy-conscious users. The versatility and efficiency of this product make it an essential addition to any laundry routine, especially for those prioritizing sustainability without compromising on cleanliness.


  • Highly effective on stains
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable formula
  • Requires only a small amount
  • Works great in cold water


  • The scent may not appeal to all.
  • Scent longevity on clothes could improve.

Key Features:

  • Plant-based, environmentally safe formula
  • Minimalist, waste-reducing packaging
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Effective in cold water, saving energy
  • Unique beach sage scent

#5 Tide To Go Pen Liquid Stain Remover

Also Great
Tide To Go Pen Liquid Stain Remover

The Tide To Go Pen Liquid Stain Remover is an essential accessory for anyone looking to address fresh stains quickly, offering a practical solution that fits into any lifestyle.

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Why It’s Worth Your Attention: The Tide To Go Pen offers immediate action against fresh stains, making it an indispensable tool for on-the-go spot cleaning.

Things to Consider: Best results are achieved on fresh stains; effectiveness may vary on set-in or older stains.

The Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pen is a quintessential companion for those prone to spills and stains in the most inconvenient times. Its compact design belies the powerful stain-fighting formula within, providing a quick and effective remedy for fresh spills on clothes. The pen is particularly adept at handling organic stains from food and drink, offering a swift solution that diminishes the need for immediate laundry, thus saving time and embarrassment. However, it’s crucial to note that while the Tide Pen offers immediate stain reduction, some may require overnight treatment and a subsequent wash for complete removal.

Experimentation and firsthand experiences reveal that the pen’s effectiveness extends beyond just organic stains, with successful removals reported on unexpected blemishes like paint and ink, underscoring its versatility. However, the pen’s efficacy shines brightest when applied promptly and with the correct technique—gentle rubbing without excessive force, contrary to instinctive responses to stain removal. The pen’s design, resembling a marker, allows for precise application, ensuring that the cleaning solution is directly applied to the stain without affecting the surrounding fabric.

The convenience of the Tide To Go Pen cannot be overstated. Its size makes it an unobtrusive addition to purses, cars, and desks, ensuring readiness for any stain emergency. This attribute, coupled with its effectiveness, makes it a must-have for anyone, from the meticulously dressed office worker to the adventurous foodie. While the pen works wonders on fresh stains, its performance on set-in stains is less miraculous, as a gentle reminder of its limitations and the importance of timely application.


  • Compact and portable design.
  • Effective on a wide range of fresh stains.
  • No need for immediate washing.
  • Easy and mess-free application.


  • It is less effective on set-in stains.
  • Requires careful application to avoid fabric damage.
  • It may leave a wet spot temporarily.

Key Features:

  • Compact, portable design for easy carry.
  • Effective on organic and various unexpected stains.
  • Immediate stain reduction for on-the-go emergencies.
  • Simple application process without the need for water.
  • The three-count pack provides great value.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Stain Removers

When selecting a stain remover, it is essential to consider key features such as the product’s stain removal capabilities and the ease of application methods.

Additionally, assessing the compatibility of the stain remover with different types of stains and fabrics is crucial for effective removal.

Portability for on-the-go use and the overall effectiveness of various materials should also be considered to ensure optimal stain removal results.

Key Stain Removal Features

Considering the type of stain and the fabric compatibility are crucial factors to evaluate when selecting an effective stain remover for your laundry needs. Different stain removers are tailored to address specific stains like oil, grease, wine, or food, ensuring targeted removal.

It’s essential to check if the stain remover is safe to use on the fabric of the stained item to prevent damage. Additionally, choosing the right application method, whether sprays, wipes, pens, or powders, can significantly impact the convenience and effectiveness of the stain removal process.

When selecting a stain remover, consider its environmental impact by opting for eco-friendly options that are biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals. Compatibility with your laundry routines, such as machine-washing or hand-washing, is another key feature to consider for seamless integration into your cleaning regimen.

User-Friendly Application Methods

When selecting stain removers, it is essential to prioritize user-friendly application methods to ensure efficient and convenient stain removal experiences. Look for products that offer easy-to-use application methods such as sprays, pens, or wipes for quick and hassle-free stain removal.

Clear instructions provided with the stain remover are crucial to ensure effective application without causing damage to the fabric. Opt for stain removers that do not involve complex pre-treatment steps, allowing for swift stain removal.

Portable options like pens or wipes are convenient for dealing with on-the-go stain emergencies, whether in your bag or car. Additionally, choose stain removers with user-friendly packaging and designs to streamline the application process and make it more efficient.

Stain Type Compatibility

To ensure effective stain removal, it is crucial to carefully consider the compatibility of the stain remover with the type of stains and fabrics involved. Factors to evaluate include the types of stains the remover targets, such as food, oil, ink, or grass.

Additionally, it is essential to choose a stain remover that is safe for use on various fabric types, including delicate fabrics like silk or wool. Check if the stain remover is suitable for specific stains like blood, wine, or pet accidents, and ensure it is compatible with the fabric’s color to avoid fading or discoloration.

Some stain removers are specialized for certain stains, like enzymatic cleaners tailored for organic stains such as blood or grass.

Portability for On-the-Go

Given the importance of immediate stain treatment, especially while on the move, the portability of stain removers plays a crucial role in maintaining the pristine condition of your garments. Portable stain removers like pens or wipes offer convenience by allowing you to address stains promptly, whether at work, while traveling, or outdoors.

Their compact sizes make on-the-go stain treatment effortless, as they can easily fit into purses, bags, or car compartments for quick access. A portable stain remover can prevent stains from setting in and potentially ruining your clothing or fabrics.

This portability ensures that stains can be swiftly addressed, helping to uphold the appearance of your garments while you’re on the move.

Effectiveness on Various Fabrics

Selecting an appropriate stain remover involves considering its effectiveness on various fabric types to ensure optimal stain removal without compromising the fabric’s integrity. When choosing a stain remover, it’s crucial to consider the compatibility with cotton, silk, polyester, and wool fabrics.

Look for products safe for colored fabrics to prevent fading. Additionally, check if the stain remover is suitable for delicate fabrics like lace, chiffon, or satin to prevent damage. For sensitive fabrics like baby clothes or lingerie, opt for a gentle formula to maintain softness and quality.

Evaluate the stain remover’s effectiveness on tough stains like oil, wine, ink, or food spills across different fabric types to ensure thorough cleaning without harming the material.

Versatile Stain Targets

When choosing a stain remover, it is essential to prioritize its ability to effectively target a diverse range of stains to ensure comprehensive cleaning results. For versatile cleaning capabilities, look for products that tackle various stains, like food, oil, ink, and wine.

Opt for stain removers that work on tough stains such as coffee, grass, blood, and grease, providing a thorough cleaning solution. Ensure the product is safe for use on fabrics like cotton, polyester, silk, and wool to maintain compatibility with various clothing items.

Also, choose stain removers suitable for colored and white fabrics to prevent discoloration or damage. Selecting a stain remover that can be used on different surfaces like carpets, upholstery, and clothing offers a multi-purpose cleaning solution.

Environmental Friendliness

Focusing on sustainability and eco-conscious choices is paramount when selecting stain removers for your laundry needs. To make an environmentally friendly choice, opt for stain removers with biodegradable ingredients that minimize environmental harm.

Look for products that come in eco-friendly packaging, such as recyclable bottles or refill options, to reduce waste. Avoid harsh chemicals like phosphates, chlorine, and artificial fragrances by choosing plant-based or naturally derived formulas that are gentle on the environment.

Check for certifications such as EPA Safer Choice or USDA Organic to ensure the product meets environmental standards. By considering these factors, you can keep your clothes spotless while also being mindful of our planet’s well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove stubborn stains?

To effectively remove stubborn stains, first identify the type of stain and the fabric it’s on. Depending on the stain’s nature, apply a suitable cleaning solution, such as a commercial stain remover, vinegar, or baking soda. Gently rub the solution into the stain and allow it to sit for a while before washing the item in the hottest water recommended for the fabric. For tough stains, the process may need to be repeated.

Does bicarb and vinegar remove stains?

Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar can effectively remove various stains by creating a fizzing reaction that breaks down stain molecules. However, their effectiveness varies by stain type and surface, and they may not be suitable for all materials. It’s a natural, non-toxic cleaning option, but testing on a small area first is recommended.

Can lemon remove stains from clothes?

Yes, lemon can effectively remove stains from clothes due to its natural acidic properties. The citric acid in lemon juice is a gentle bleaching agent, making it particularly effective on light-colored fabrics and stains like sweat, mildew, and fruit juices. When applied directly to the stain or mixed with water or other natural substances like baking soda, lemon juice can help to break down and lift the stain from the fabric. For best results, the treated garment should be exposed to sunlight before washing, as the sun’s UV rays enhance the bleaching effect of the citric acid.

Final Verdict

Among the products we’ve put through the rigors of everyday messes, Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover emerges as a beacon of hope for those beleaguered by the stubbornness of stains.

But how does it stack up against OxiClean White Revive, OxiClean Max Force, Method Plant-Based, and the Tide To Go Pen, each with its unique proposition?

If you find yourself constantly battling a variety of stains, from the whimsical marks left by a child’s exploration to the accidental spills of daily life, which product would best suit your arsenal of cleaning tools?

Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover claims the crown for its unparalleled ability to tackle a wide array of stains without damaging fabrics and its user-friendly and safe formula, making it the best overall choice for households everywhere.

Its prowess in dealing with everything from food to ink and its safety around children and pets sets it apart.

OxiClean’s offerings, with their specialized formulas for whites and tough stains, follow closely, catering to those specific needs with remarkable efficiency.

The Method Plant-Based Stain Remover, with its eco-friendly formula and pleasant scent, offers a great alternative for the environmentally conscious.

Meanwhile, the Tide To Go Pen stands out for its portability and instant stain-removing capabilities, perfect for on-the-go emergencies.

However, regarding versatility, safety, and overall effectiveness, Miss Mouth’s leads the pack.

Consider how this aligns with your cleaning challenges and preferences.

Could Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover be the missing piece in your laundry routine, offering clean fabrics and peace of mind?

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Laurie Carrella is a housekeeping and fabric care expert, offering insights on effective cleaning practices, techniques for eliminating stains, optimal organization, and the preservation of fabrics. With over ten years of experience, Laurie provides practical tips and advice to help people maintain clean, organized homes.

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