How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head

Knowing how to remove a stuck shower head is invaluable if you want to clean, replace, or repair your existing head. Unfortunately, mineral build-up or rust around the shower arm can often make removing shower head a difficult process.

Once you’ve loosened the shower head and completed any necessary repairs, try removing your shower head and cleaning it by soaking it in white vinegar every two months. The soak should remove any hard water deposits and you can clean the threads of the shower arm while the shower head has been removed. If you are replacing your existing shower head, soaking in white vinegar is a good way to clean it before storage.

If the actual shower head arm is rusting or shows excessive signs of corrosion, you may want to replace it with a stainless steel shower arm. This will be the only practical method to completely avoid rust in the future.

Step 1: Examine the connection between the showerhead and shower arm. If you see evidence of rust, apply penetrating oil to the connection. A whitish hue around the showerhead connection indicates mineral build-up. You should apply a mineral deposit remover to the connection. If necessary, you can soak a rag with the mineral remover and wrap it around the connection.

Step 2: Wait 5 minutes, then wipe the shower head and shower arm completely clean.

Step 3: Wrap a clean rag around the nut that secures the shower head or over the shower head itself. Using an adjustable wrench, apply pressure with a counterclockwise movement to twist off the shower head.

Step 4: If you are not successful in removing the shower head the first time, apply more penetrating oil or mineral remover as appropriate, wait 5 minutes, and then try again.

Step 5: When the showerhead has been removed, clean both parts of the connection thoroughly using a brush. You may need rust remover to remove all of the rust from the connection.


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